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Ageless Fantasy ($120, 3.04 oz)

I was never a fan of perfume in my younger days. Ironically, however, I have been receiving quite a few perfume gifts over the years. After trying many different potions I became an occasional user of Dior's Diorissimo, which has an adorable scent of Jasmine, and Chanel's No. 5, which in my personal opinion is a bit over-bearing.

In recent years, I began to embrace perfumes with a new attitude (it either is a genuine revelation or my attempt to become presumably more sophisticated). My staple has been Fresh's Cannabis Rose, which was received with polarized views since its launch last year. I have been complimented on a number of occasions about how great I smell by strangers and friends (in one case, a furniture salesman right in front of my husband!) so needless to say I am a strong believer in the direct correlation between the perfumes you wear and the male attention you receive. So you can imagine how excited I was when I received the generous offer from Harvey Prince.

Personally, I was not a super fan of citrus-based perfumes. Somehow I feel as if I have split OJ all over myself if I wear a fruity perfume. Ageless Fantasy, nonetheless, has passed my litmus test. It is not over-powered with citrus or fruit-based fragrance; beyond the fruity scent you can recognize a faint floral scent.  Indeed, the light fragrance does remind me of my younger college days which, I would agree, are part of my fond memories of youth. So far, the potion has fared quite well.

I wore the perfume daily for a week to work and to social events. On the first day I sprayed on the magic potion my husband complimented how refreshing I smelled (although, I must confess, my husband IS a super fan of citrus and fruity scents). He thought the scent was "very pleasant.

My colleagues also somehow seemed to have initiated more chit-chats with me. They didn't directly compliment on how great I smell, but I suspect that was out of concern for violation of office ethics code.

As to my friends, I didn't see an appreciable difference in the attention I received or the interactions we had   All in all, I think the perfume gives me a lift in spirit; its gentle but not subtle fragrance makes you feel more energetic. On that note alone, it may have indirectly delivered its promise to make you (and subsequently those around you) feel younger.

I'm not sure Ageless Fantasy will over-throne Cannabis Rose (and trust me, this rose does not remind you of your grandmother!), but it's one of the top contenders for my favorite fragrances.



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