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Vasseur Beauty Pillow- reader reviewed and recommended

Is a Solution for:
Sagging Skin
June 24, 2012 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 1 Comment
Reviewed by Ann

Can anti-aging be as simple as your pillow? When my traditional pillow deflated and became a nuisance, I started looking for information.

I am a side sleeper. Trying to train myself to sleep on my back, with a pancake pillow, was futile. I would start out like Lily Munster, but would flip to my side eventually. My neck was getting stiff, perhaps from lack of support.

I started looking in to “anti-aging” pillows and found an assortment of shapes and prices. Sharper Image makes one. There are a couple shaped like manual can openers. There’s one that has a canal down the middle, with your forehead and chin resting on the surface, but your eye area suspended in the space in between.

The one I chose to try is the Vasseur Beauty Pillow ($49.95). It’s shaped like a tooth or an airline pillow with long legs and covered with a satin case. It’s very simple, and I don’t think you’d have to be Mondo Guerra from Project Runway to make it yourself, actually. Since I am not a seamstress, I bought one. I think it would be interesting to try different fillings (buckwheat, aromatherapy sachets, memory foam), again, if you had that talent and expertise.

There are three different ways to use the pillow. You can sleep with it around your neck, like a travel pillow. This was nice when it was cold. It felt very cozy. You can have the arms behind you, under your shoulders or you can sleep on your side, wrapped around one “arm” (or root, if you think of it like a tooth). The arm is sort of skinny, so it doesn’t mash your face and eye area. The satin case does not absorb your skincare products, so the theory is that you will see more benefits and waste less.

There is a video on the website demonstrating these methods.

The pillow is part of a skincare regimen developed by Melanie Vasseur. Ms. Vasseur describes herself as a cosmetic chemist and esthetician. She claims 30 years in the field and has a line of creams and serums available for sale. Vasseur demonstrates the pillow and attributes her lack of nasolabial folds to sleeping on it. While she’s certainly an attractive woman, I don’t know if I believe this pillow has kept her from getting any wrinkles. Maybe it’s makeup, but she does have a bit of that waxy, ageless look so many dermatologists and estheticians can have, which I think comes from injectables and fillers. Just my opinion.

While one is warned that it may take some getting used to, I didn’t have any transition period. I found what I fondly refer to as my “tooth pillow” to be oh so comfortable. My neck was supported. My skincare soaked in to my skin and not my pillow case. I really do feel I look more rested and refreshed in the morning (or after a nap!). There is no crushing of your skin or gravity pulling it out of shape, so I don’t have that sleepy, compressed look. I don’t find it that difficult to fall asleep on my back and am sleeping on my side less and less.

An added benefit is that I have had a definite lessening of my middle-aged aches and pains. My lower back feels good. My neck is no longer stiff and my shoulders are more flexible.

The case washes up easily with the other whites. You can buy extras on the website. When the pillow needs to be fluffed, I just pop it in the dryer for 15 or so minutes on low. It’s holding its shape very well, and I’ve taken it on a couple of trips.

It’s a small thing to add to your anti-aging regimen, but every little bit helps!
  • June 24, 2012

    by ValerieB

    I am a hopeless side sleeper, trying desperately to break out of the habit. So tempted to give this pillow a try! Thanks for sharing, Ann!

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