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vFit Intimate Wellness Solution review Review

November 9, 2018 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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Subtle improvements in lubrication and sensation


Easy and comfortable to use


Vague statements of expected effects

By Ann

I have always been a fan of using a red light LED therapy to reduce wrinkles, shrink pores and for overall improvement of my skin tone. So when I heard of the vFit Intimate Wellness device ($495 in the shop), which uses red LED lights, I was instantly intrigued.  Like many women who are postmenopausal I have seen changes ‘down there’. I no longer have the vaginal plumpness and elasticity I once had and lack of vaginal lubrication is fast becoming a more common occurrence. 

vFit, a product developed by Joylux, Inc. (a woman-owned company targeting the female intimate care industry), is a home-use vaginal rejuvenation device that uses a combination of gentle heat, low level red LED lights and sonic technology to treat pelvic floor and vaginal tissue issues. Joylux Inc. makes it clear that vFit is not a medical device but, rather, a vaginal wellness (vwellness) device.

When I first saw the vFit device I was taken back. I had been looking forward to what the device could do for me, and never considered that it would look so much like a vibrator. This wasn’t a device I could leave out with a house full of teenagers roaming about. But I was determined to take advantage of this opportunity to take care of my vagina. I read the box, which says ‘While we focus on our external beauty and fitness, we often neglect our intimate wellness’, and I was reminded why I wanted to try the vFit device.

I proceeded to read the User Guide and the handy Quick Start Guide. The first step is to charge the device for 12 hours using the charging cable provided. So with my device charging, I began to scour the User Guide, Quick Start Guide and the entire packaging for words of encouragement, I wanted to see a list of benefits to expect.  Everything was so vague with constant mentioning of improved vwellness. Would it improve my physical appearance, or help with lubrication, or was this going to be a complete waste of effort?  The most direct statement was found on the packaging and said ‘help improve sensation, pleasure and intimacy, all from the privacy of your home’. I admit I hadn’t even started and I was already skeptical about this device. But again I was committed and eager to gain any benefit.

The vFit unit is comfortable to hold and very easy to use. It’s a very sturdy device with well-designed buttons to choose its functions. I used my vFit with the lubricant provided, which is an unscented, hypoallergenic water-based geI. Only a small amount is needed and applied to the tip of the unit to help with ease of insertion and lubrication. The vFit unit can be used for 6, 8, 10 or 12 minutes, and it auto shuts-off after the time chosen. The sonic vibration is customizable with six different settings, which ranged from constant vibration at low intensity to a fast wave pattern at high intensity. I tried every setting and seemed to prefer the low intensity modes, probably because they were less distracting.

It was recommended to start off for 6 minutes and work your way up. My first time I decided to try 10 minutes knowing I could shut it off, if needed. It was oddly relaxing and uneventful. There was certainly a feeling of heat (never uncomfortable), plenty of vibrations and red light glowing from down under. I continued using my vFit device every second day, for two months. I did have a few long weekends in which I did not use it simply because I didn’t feel comfortable carrying it on a plane nor taking it on my girls weekend away. 

I will admit, that there were many times during the first two weeks where I was discouraged, mostly because my time is scarce and I felt guilty spending time on it. Its not a wrinkle remover, its not a quick fix, and you can’t see or feel any improvements because they are not overnight.  But in the end I was extremely glad I continued and I plan to continue using the device 1-2 times weekly as maintenance.  The vFit works; its subtle, but for me I felt an improvement in lubrication and sensation was definitely increased. Unfortunately I saw no physical improvements down there. It was only after using it for two months that I understood what the company had been saying, its hard to quantify, but I felt as if my vwellness was improved. The biggest downside is the price of the device.

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