I recently sat down with Shirley Pinkson, one of the founders of W3LL People, a brand garnering many positive reviews and which we also carry in the shop. 

Shirley, along with two friends, created the brand - hence the number 3 in the brand's name. The number 3 also stands for the cornerstones of the company: sustainability, bioactive ingredients and high performance products.

All of the W3LL People products are natural and mostly organic. The company prioritizes the ingredients they use in their cosmetics. You can find ingredients such as green tea, chamomile and aloe in some of the W3LL People products.

I asked Shirley what her favorite W3LL People product is - the one thing she'd bring on a desert island. She swiftly responded with Universalist Multi-Use Color Stick, a cheek and lip stain. 

Shirley and her team are currently working on new products such as a mascara and corrective concealers. Watch the video to learn more about the W3LL People brand.