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Interview with founder of W3LL People (VIDEO)

September 17, 2013 Reviewed by Marta 12 Comments

I recently sat down with Shirley Pinkson, one of the founders of W3LL People, a brand garnering many positive reviews and which we also carry in the shop. 

Shirley, along with two friends, created the brand - hence the number 3 in the brand's name. The number 3 also stands for the cornerstones of the company: sustainability, bioactive ingredients and high performance products.

All of the W3LL People products are natural and mostly organic. The company prioritizes the ingredients they use in their cosmetics. You can find ingredients such as green tea, chamomile and aloe in some of the W3LL People products.

I asked Shirley what her favorite W3LL People product is - the one thing she'd bring on a desert island. She swiftly responded with Universalist Multi-Use Color Stick, a cheek and lip stain. 

Shirley and her team are currently working on new products such as a mascara and corrective concealers. Watch the video to learn more about the W3LL People brand. 

  • October 24, 2013

    by Georgia

    I absolutely LOVEEEEEE the Universalist 2 highlight stick it is like youth in a stick. I am also in love with the Narcissist foundation stick and the nudist lip balm. I have the most dry and dehydrated skin and lips and these products have changed my life. I get more compliments on my skin than ever before because this cosmetic line makes it look like your actual skin....but better! Thank you W3LL PEOPLE! XOXO

  • October 23, 2013

    by W3LL PEOPLE

    Hi Shayna, thank you for loving W3LL PEOPLE, and we truly appreciate your passion and deligence in maintaining the most healthy life style.
    I wanted to address the subject of ferric ferrocyanide. As a brand, we goal ourselves to be as open and clear with our clients as possible. To create blues, purples and greens, we let our customers know up front that some shades have ferric ferrocyanide. In its current incarnation, no cyanide is emitted onto our clients skin or into their bodies, so there is no risk of this pigment being an irritant or a toxin.

    You are VERY right regarding the danger found in products containing FFC with a PH higher than 7. Some of those items include: soda (baking, caustic - better know as Lye, etc.), lime, all soaps and detergents, chlorine bleach, blood, sea water, household ammonia.

    We always counsel our customers to buy what they are comfortable with. We will honor your concerns and your suggestions. We are constantly striving to be better :) You are more than welcome to contact us at for further questions. Our eco-artists will gladly advise you further on color choices!

  • September 27, 2013

    by Shayna

    First off, I would like to say that I LOVE W3LL people's narcissist foundations and universalist sticks. However, contradictory to her statements about being ingredient conscious, I do not understand why the company adds the ingredient 'Ferric Ferrocyanide' to a majority of their products (the foundation and universalist sticks do not contain the ingredient).
    EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency)did find evidence that FFC can release free cyanide under certain environmental conditions, such as pH greater than 7 and exposure to sunlight. EPA historically has been aware of this potential environmental threat and has interpreted "cyanides" to include cyanide compounds. After considering this information, EPA determined that FFC is one of the "cyanides" on the list of toxic pollutants.

  • September 18, 2013

    by Jennifer

    Their Nudist lip balm is one of my favorite lip products. Would love to try the eyeshadow!

  • September 18, 2013

    by Kai W.

    I would love to try the matte cream/tinted for my face.

  • September 17, 2013

    by Toni

    I had ordered the universalist off another site, it was back ordered...tonight I got a cancellation email that they couldn't fill it..extremely bummed because I really wanted to try this multitasker!

  • September 17, 2013

    by Deborah

    I would love to try the rose plum eye shadow!

  • September 17, 2013

    by imelda

    OMG, Marta! beleive it or not, the first time I saw this brand in TIA, I pronounced it as "We thrill people" because of the 3 + ll = thrill! Hilarious! So needless to say, I am thrilled that there's this make-up company who cares about the environment by sustainable business practices, as well as primarily the use of great ingredients that produce good results! I will be so "3'lld" to try out this eye shadow with a pigment color that would be great for this fall season!

  • September 17, 2013

    by Heidi

    Looking forward to checking out this line.
    Like the thought behind this-simple multi functional and non toxic-YAY!!!
    Shirley's skin looks fantastic-she is glowing.

  • September 17, 2013

    by Chelsea

    I'd love to try either eye shadow!

  • September 17, 2013

    by Sophoie

    Would love to see a matte CC cream/tinted SPF product from you guys!

  • September 17, 2013

    by Michelle H.

    I want to try W3LL People Elitist Mineral Eye Shadow in luminous copper.

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