This one is, as Bill Clinton might say, a twofer. I decided to keep out of the way and let makeup artist speak to makeup artist as RMS beauty founder, Rose-Marie Swift, speaks to Kristen Arnett.

Rose-Marie Swift has daubed the faces of Gisele Budchen and Celine Dion. But one day she got sick and tests eventually revealed that her body had toxic levels of things like aluminum and mercury. A lab technician actually asked her if she worked in the cosmetics business. She realized that her war paint needed a rethink and RMS Beauty was born as a line of avowedly non-toxic make up.

Here she tells Kristen about the mission for RMS Beauty, demonstrates some of her products (including the concealer that I use every day, Un Cover Up) and gives us a sneak preview of a surprising new addition to the line that I, for one, can't wait for (its due next month). Kristen and Rose-Marie are the two women who turned me on to makeup with their take on natural products that should also perform. And, as you'll see, not only are they inspiring, they make a great double act.