Marta was recently sent yet another electronic brush: the Spa Sonic Skin Care System Face and Body Polisher (7 piece kit) which retails for about $60 - $80. Marta compares the Spa Sonic to the “Rolls Royce” of brushes, the Clarisonic PLUS, which sells for around $225.

The most obvious difference is the Clarisonic’s bigger brush head for more economical brushing. But perhaps the most important difference between the two is their unique motions. The Clarisonic is lined with four concentric rows of brushes, the outermost layer static and the inner three rotating independently.

The Spa Sonic, on the other hand, perhaps saves on manufacturing costs by using a simpler rotation mechanism, as the entire brush head rotates on a center axis. Whereas the Clarisonic’s design allows the user more control of scrubbing motion, Marta found the Spa Sonic almost forces one to scrub in a circular motion.

Marta loves and stands behind her Clarisonic, but for those of you looking for a reliable bargain, she thinks the Spa Sonic, for about a third of the price, is a good addition to your bathroom cabinet.

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