Vitamin Water

I remember when I first saw Vitamin Water. I was in high school and eager in every way possibly to look cool, which is why I began drinking VitaminWater. I proudly proclaimed "It has vitamins," as I slurped on my lemonade flavored chemical concoction. Eventually I realized that I could get more vitamins from a multivitamin tablet minus the sugar and calories. I also realized that I'd save a lot of money by not buying VitaminWater which is pricey for no reason.

VitaminWater hasn't changed much since my days in high school, they're still using their vitamins as a selling point to persuade consumers and still costly. Normally they have a mix of basic ingredients and switch it up to accommodate their message (for example the energy one has caffeine and guarana) but their new flavor targets the skin through special vitamins.

It's called VitaminWater Zero Glow and it is marketed towards women. The premise is that the little bottle is going to help your skin, hair, and nails thanks to the vitamin E, biotin, and B3, B5, and B12 vitamins. That sounds great until you realize that you're only getting 20% of biotin and vitamin E and 40% of the "B" vitamins I listed required for daily intake. That's a pretty useless amount and goes to show that companies truly think consumers are idiots. I have a better chance of getting vitamins by sucking on a rock than from a bottle of this stuff. A healthier option would be buying a bottle of water and a hair, skin, and nails supplement like from GNC which has 100% vitamin E and 1000% biotin.

While I understand the lure of zero calories might pull you in, keep in mind that while your skin might improve (diminutively at best), you'll be killing your teeth with all of that citric acid and Ascorbic acid. In my opinion, this "water" is more gimmick than anything else and goes right up there on my list of useless things like collagen marshmallows and the Bottom Lift.