Voucelle Stem Cell Activation Serum

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on March 4, 2015

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by Melissa

I would like to thank Truth in Aging for selecting me to try this product by Beverly Hills board certified cosmetic surgeon and stem cell expert Dr. Joel Aronowitz. Firstly, I was impressed after looking into Dr Aronowitz, so I felt excited to use a product that he'd created. I had never used a facial stem cell product before, and I was very curious. As stem cells claim to be so cutting-edge, I was expecting a lot from this product.

I am female, nearly 42, and have combination skin. I tend to get slightly oilier in the T-zone area, and am starting to show enlarged pores. I used Voucelle Stem Cell Activation Serum ($125) as instructed — applied to a clean, dry face every evening, smoothing evenly and dabbing along distinct aging areas, which for me are the crow's feet area, forehead, crease in the chin and naso-labial area. The product seemed to go a long way, it spread out quite a bit, I even used a bit each night under my chin.

I believe the serum has helped to smooth out the fine lines around my eyes and forehead area, and I feel like a have a general glow. No difference I can detect in my chin crease and naso-labial area, but those wrinkles are deeper, so I didn't expect miracles in only a month.

I was impressed that the product is not made with harmful additives, and contains many interesting ingredients such as cucurbita pepo (pumpkin) fruit extract, camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract and radish root ferment filtrate. I was particularly interested in looking into the radish root ferment filtrate, as fermenting things seems to be very popular at the moment. I discovered that this ingredient is effective in against a whole range of things from e.coli to a.niger, and is recommended that it is possible to use it as the sole preservative in a cosmetic (eliminating the need for other, more questionable ingredients).

I believe a lot of thought and work has gone into this product, and would feel happy to actually purchase it, as well as give it to someone as a gift. One person I hadn't seen for a couple of months said I was "glowing." Highly recommended — thank you so much to everyone at TIA.

Editor's Note: Voucelle Stem Cell Activation Serum does not contain actual stem cells from plants and/or humans, but instead works with your body to regenerate your own skin cells.