voya maskerade

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on March 12, 2014


by Maria

I chose to try VOYA Maskerade Face Mask ($66), a face mask, because I usually apply homemade masks made of yogurt or some kind of oil to moisturize my 42-year old skin, which is very dry due to the extreme cold in Sweden. During my first week using it, I applied the product three times in the morning. The first thing I noticed was that it left my skin soft and cooled it down, somehow waking it up. My skin felt as though it just had a big drink of water. It has a pleasant texture, drying immediately, but not creating a thick crust as many masks do when they dry.

The second week, I started using it when my skin was tired, which was usually in the afternoon or evening. I used it four times. Two times I actually forgot to take it off and slept with it on (it is that light)! I know this is bad, but it did not bother my skin or cause a reaction of any sort. I started to feel as though it plumped my skin a bit, and the softness continued.

In the third and fourth, week I started to use it more often, almost every other day at times when I felt like freshening up. The performance of the product seems consistent and is so light that it does not overwhelm, even with more frequent use.

The ingredients seem to be on the safe side; I could only identify six of medium or low effect. I guess I could have figured this out from the fact that I did not have reaction when I forgot to take it off at night (I often get very oily skin if I leave something on all night, even with some creams). 

I really enjoy using and experimenting with VOYA Maskerade. My skin looks more plump, and both looks and feels soft. So anyone whose skin is thirsty, like mine gets in the harsh Swedish winter, I say give it a go. Your skin will soak it up!