by Ann

When I was invited to try the W3LL People Capitalist Mineral Brow Treatment, I was intrigued. I had tried mineral face powder and eye shadow, but this was a totally new concept for me. I was skeptical - wouldn't a powder-based eyebrow product be too dusty?

The product I received was an ordinary-looking loose brown powder (Matte Espresso). My first attempt at application was with a q-tip. This was a mistake, and the powder went everywhere, just as I had feared.

Next I took an eyeliner brush and tried painting the powder onto my brows. Success! It went on smoothly with no powder filtering to my eyes and cheekbones.

With some experimentation, I discovered that the powder sets best if I've rubbed a little moisturizer into my brows and combed them out smooth. The mineral powder then takes to the brows nicely, giving an even, natural color. A little clear brow gel or clear mascara seals the deal and the powder stays all day long.

This product would work best for women who already have fairly natural-looking brows. For someone with a little gray starting to show, the effect would probably be even better, since the powder provides buildable, natural-looking color that can't be easily duplicated with an eyebrow pencil.

In sum, I was pleasantly surprised by this product and it exceeded my expectations.

Editor's note: Check out our video interview with the founder of W3LL People 

Ingredients in W3LL People Capitalist Mineral Brow Pigment: Jojoba oil, beeswax, candelilla wax, cornstarch, castor oil, vitamin e (wheat-germ based), may also contain mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides