W3LL People Realist X .2 oz

Reviewed by Marta on August 19, 2013


I shine. By which I do not mean that I excel at anything. What I mean is that more often than not, I cross the borderline from dewy to gross; my cheeks, forehead and nose slick and glistening. Because I’m not much of a makeup person and find that powder finishes leave me too far in the other direction (dry and old), I have mostly lived with this affliction. Until I found W3LL People Realist X.

W3LL People Realist X works so well for me, I can hardly believe it. It leaves my complexion looking matte but silky. All shine is dissipated, but I still somehow look polished. Quite surprising and impressive. I love it so much that I carry it around with me for touch ups. These touch ups, it has to be said, are never needed – unless I need to freshen up at the end of the office day before going out.

This mineral finishing powder is white, but does not leave me with a ghostly pallor. It is translucent and goes on beautifully over my Osmotics Inner Light ($35) and RMS Un-Cover Up Concealer ($36 in the shop).

As always with W3LL People, there’s a happy marriage of performance and purity. The main ingredient is sericite, a kind of mica. It is useful as a safe talc substitute in mineral makeup, a reflector of light with low luster and an absorber of oil. Also helpful for absorbing oil is kaolin, a fine and white clay. Keeping the skin soothed are aloe and chamomile and there’s antioxidant boost from green tea.