I came across Warren-Tricomi's Protect Organic Hair Shield ($30) too late to get hold of it before my imminent departure to Central America. Pity, because it looks as if it could have been an ideal travel companion if it does all it says: protecting against damage caused by UV rays, chlorine, sea water, well water and other potentially harmful elements. All whilst being lightweight and barely there.

I have to admit that crow-baring the word organic in is a bit of cheek since there doesn't seem to be anything certified organic about Warren-Tricomi Protect. Nonetheless, it looks as if it might be fairly effective with silicone to shield the hair, octinoxate and benzophenone-3 act as sunscreens and betaine to purify even the most dank well water. Studies have shown a 50% betaine water solution to be less irritating than pure water.

Almost all the rest of the ingredients are helpful for hair health, including some vitamins, silk amino acids and algae. Expect to find a bevy of botanical extracts often associated with hair products, such as nettle. However, I particularly like the unusual inclusion of cactus extract. Cactus leaves, in particular, have high levels of calcium and potassium. It also helps hair retain moisture and is an able insect repellent. As we approach holiday season, it is useful to note that a capsule of prickly pear dulls a hangover, according to a US study.


Purified Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Dimethicone, SD Alcohol 40 B, Cyclomethicone (and) C13-14 Isoparaffin, Ceteth 20, Trimethylglycine (Betaine), Octinoxate, Benzophenone-3, Vitamin E, Silk Amino Acids, Panthenol, Sea Algae Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Acetate, Nettle Ext,. Chamomile Ext., Lavender Ext., Cactus Ext., Comfrey Ext., Fragrance.