The Water Secret, a new book by Dr Murad, is set to make a splash in the field of anti-aging lit. He hones in on one strategy in particular, which – in case the title isn’t clear enough – centers on soaking up H2O.

What really interested me is that The Water Secret contends that moisture at the cellular level cannot be replenished by downing the recommended 8-10 glasses a day, which does nothing more than fill up your bladder and swell up your body.  I remembered a post that I did a while ago on the fact that scientists were at best divided on the benefits of drinking water for the skin. Intriguingly, Murad’s advice is rather than drink water, we should “eat” it.

Our cells need 23 grams of water to neutralize every excess gram of salt we eat (hence the phenomenon of bloating). Skipping the salt and loading up on foods with high water content can boost both health and hydration, making you feel energized. Unlike pure water, the liquid in these foods is surrounded by molecules that help it get into cells quickly.

Some recommended water-rich foods include watermelon and cucumbers (97% water), tomatoes and zucchini (95% water), cooked chicken breast (65%), and boiled red kidney beans (77%).