I have this gorgeous girlfriend called "T". She is truly beautiful inside and out, but if I had to single out one specific thing that makes her so attractive, it would be her 1000-watt smile.  Her beautiful white teeth positively glow, and when she flashes that million-dollar smile, EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, smiles back.  You just can't help yourself.... she smiles, you smile back....and happiness endorphins fill the air.

Because T''s smile is not a byproduct of veneers, it is not perfectly straight or even, but it is as white as snow, and it makes T look 20 years younger than her actual age. Having a bright white smile is one of the least expensive, easiest ways to look great...for men and woman of any age... and is especially important as the years add up. My two vices.... a huge morning cup of coffee and evening glass of merlot ...are major tooth yellowing culprits, but even ice tea, cola and berries will stain your teeth. And of course, everyone knows that nothing makes a smile dingier faster than smoking.

My smile may not be as radiant as my friend T's but I do try to keep it white. When I was in my mid thirties, my dentist politely suggested that I invest in custom tooth guards that allowed me to apply dental-strength bleach to my teeth every night, all night, for two weeks and while the results were wonderful and long lasting, it was also quite expensive.  About 10 years later I had a less expensive but equally effective "one-hour blue light"  (Zoom) treatment done at a different dental office and again the results were great.  In recent years I have tried the Crest dental strips, which were quite affordable, but somewhat clunky to use, and the results were not as impressive.  Last month I tried something new... the Watts Power White Tooth Whitener kit, and I must say the results are fantastic.

I applied the product according to the very clear instructions which come with the kit, but overly simplified, here is what you can expect. The Watts kit contains an upper and lower "tooth guard" which you customize to fit your own specific tooth size and spacing by emersing them in hot water and trimming them to match your gum line. The bleaching formula contains a very powerful 36% Carbamide Peroxide and comes in a plastic syringe which makes application to the tooth guards quite convenient.  Note: You want to spend enough time fitting and trimming the tooth guards so that the bleach stays on your teeth and avoids long term contact with the sensitive gum area, but that is easily done. The bleach is applied via the tooth guards and left on for 15-30 minutes each day for a week. After one week, apply the Remineralizing Gel (calcium, fluoride and phosphate) which re-balances enamel, reduces bleaching-related sensitivity and to a degree protects against future staining. You may then begin another round of treatment the following day if you desire, but my teeth were beautifully white after one week. By the way, the bleach will last for years if stored in the refrigerator, and the syringe contains enough to do weeks and weeks (or years) of applications.

The verdict?  The Watts Power White Tooth Whitener was much more convenient and easily as effective as going to the dentist for a whitening treatment, at a mere fraction of the price. After just one week of usage I have a beautiful white smile which makes me feel better about myself, makes me want to smile at everyone I see, and really does make me look younger. It was easy, it was fast, it didn't make my teeth sensitive or make my gum line sore, and I have enough of both products left for at least another year of white teeth!

If that isn't something to smile about, I don't know what is!

As always, If you have tried this product and have something new to add, please add a comment to this post!