We knew Kate was an intrepid woman when she announced that she was embarking on a year long trial of emu oil. But my admiration for her went up ten fold when she mastered Watts Power White Tooth Whitener Kit. You see, I too tried Watts, which required spending a not inconsiderable amount of time getting the plastic trays to fit by boiling them and snipping them to size. My several attempts make a sorry saga, which you can read about in the message thread on Kate's post. I was a drooling mess with a throat full of peroxide that no amount of friendly, concerned advice could assist. Finally, Watts came to the rescue.

That is, Ms Terri Watts herself. How cool is that? She'd felt my pain and redesigned the tray. It arrived in the mail and, as I still had the pearly gleam of a recent dentist visit, I waited a few weeks before approaching the package. I was expecting that Ms Watts and her team had done some tinkering, but the new tray turned out to be a complete makeover.

The original version had separate trays for upper and lower teeth and was made out of a flimsy plastic that wobbled around like a contact lens in the hands of someone with a very bad hangover. Paradoxically, it was sized for the jaws of King Kong. The new version, lovingly captured above by yours truly, is a one-piece "dual arch" affair made out of a very think, but somehow flexible material. Now, there is a technique to using it that did take me a little while to master. It involves pressing one's tongue to the roof the mouth and swallowing.

To most people, that probably sounds and is simple. However, my dentist will tell you that I am a curiosity amongst her patients in that my tongue doesn't accept messages from my brain. We got there in the end though. This tongue and swallowing thing helps the tray mold itself to the teeth. It isn't a glove-like fit, but it is snug enough to ensure that the whitening gel mostly stayed within the proximity of my teeth rather than my tonsils. I managed a full 15 minutes the first time (which is probably 12.5 minutes longer than I managed with the old set). After a little practice, I can now do half an hour.

The 36% carbamide peroxide doesn't make my teeth or gums sensitive at all. It does make my teeth whiter though. Ms Watts, you've given me plenty to smile about.