Reviewed by Cyndie

I'm a Vaseline user and have been most of my life, until...I heard petroleum is unsafe (yuck). Waxelene list only 4 ingredients. Organic soybean oil, natural beeswax, vitamin E oil and organic rosemary oil. It's a thick creamy wax and feels great on.

When I first started applying it, I used way too much. It was greasy. Since then I have found a little goes a long way. I apply it to my lips, work it in to my hands, and into the heels of my feet nightly.  In the weeks that I have used Waxalene, it has softened all areas. I really like it and will use it in my evening regimen.

I wish they would make it a lipstick form so I could easily apply it to my lips.


Ingredients: Organic Soybean Oil, 100% Natural Beeswax, Organic Rosemary Oil, 100% Natural Vitamin E Oil