Makeup has never held much interest for me, even when I was a teenager. Unlike most of my friends, who can’t resist walking over to a colorful makeup counter to try on various colors, I generally pass by with disinterest. However, one of the few makeup products I actually own and use daily is brow powder. While most feel like they can’t leave home without wearing mascara, I feel my look isn’t complete without filling in my brows. I’ve tried a ton of different types of brow products (pencils, gels, fibers, etc.), which I frankly find to be over-priced for the small amount of product you get.

When I was student in esthetics school, makeup application was an unfortunate part of the curricula. Besides subjecting my face to about eight facials a day (no joke) from fellow students, I also suffered through makeup applications. However, I made a discovery that was worth it! After suffering through close to an hour on one particular makeup session, I looked in the mirror and couldn’t help but admire how my eyebrows had been transformed. When I inquired what had been used on my brows, my friend dug through her mammoth makeup bag to retrieve a Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit. “Seriously?” I asked!

I’ve been using Wet n Wild’s Ultimate Brow Kit ($4) for a few years and really love it! I had looked at some consumer review websites prior to purchasing and was amazed at the amount of glowing reviews. Ultimate Brow Kit comes in a compact five-piece kit, including mini tweezers, a mini angled application brush, two powder colors for defining and shaping brows, and a clear soft wax for setting the powder. It also has a small mirror that extends out from the packaging.

I don’t actually use the tweezers because I was instructed by my brow stylist to never tweeze in between threading appointments. I find the mini brow brush to be just the right density for my eyebrows and the brush has a useful hard angle, which I prefer to straight eyebrow applicators. I recommend washing the angled brush applicator regularly as the surface area is quite small and the powder and wax can pile up on the brush. The one item that would make this kit truly complete is a mini brow brush, which is a must for smoothing out the brow color to achieve a more natural look.

The powders are intensely pigmented so a little goes a long way. I love that the colors are true, without any red undertones. Apply sparingly for a natural look, adding more if you want a more dramatic look. I blend the two brow colors and lightly apply in small strokes, defining my eyebrows. Then I blend the two colors again, dabbing the brush in the soft wax before completing my brows. Finally, I take a brow brush with straight bristles (not a mascara brush) and lightly brush my eyebrows out and slightly up. My eyebrows stay set all day - for a quarter of the price of high-end brow kits!

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