When I was putting together the latest Five Best antiaging ingredients, it struck me that Adenine hasn't been on my radar for a while. I first came across it in Osmotics' products, but it has gradually become a little more commonplace. Here at Truth In Aging, we haven't written much more than a couple of sentences on Aldenine here and there, so I wanted to know if I should be giving it more credit.

Aldenine is the name given to combining tripeptide-1, soy and wheat proteins and xanthan gum. A tripeptide is synthetic peptide containing three amino acids.

Lipotec, a Spanish company, developed Aldenine based on research from the University of Milan. Aldenine is a radical scavenger and it specifically goes after the reactive carbonyl species. It acts, therefore, as a cellular detoxifier and it is supposed to be more powerful than carnosine. As well as boosting collagen III production, it protects cells from sunlight.

When you were four years old 90% of your collagen was collagen III. At age 50 90% of your collagen has become collagen I. Naturally, we'd all rather have collagen III and Aldenine is supposed to boost production of it by 300% in seven days.

It does this by going after a particular type of free radical called reactive carbonyl species (RCS). They have been studied a lot in relation to diabetes, but only recently have come to be associated with skin deterioration. Skin collagen is a favored target of the reactive carbonyl. They are regarded as especially nasty because cells can’t get rid of them by themselves.

Aldenine also protects collagen by neutralizing something called 4-HNE, which is in our tissues, but in higher quantities during oxidative stress due to the increase in the lipid peroxidation. Normally the keratinocytes in our bodies can detoxify HNE, but not when they have been exposed to UVB.

By neutralizing 4-HNE and capturing RCS, Aldenine acts as a cellular detoxifyer. I have read that is more active than carnosine.

The problem with all this is that all the research has been conducted by Lipotec, the company that also markets Lipochroman-6. That doesn't negate it, but it would be nice to see some independent data. Still, this Aldenine is definitely worth having on our radar.

Products with Aldenine: Osmotics Anti-Radical Age Defense ($125), Zelens Skin Science Serum, Dermaxime Rejuvenating Day Cream, Skin Doctors Antarctilyne Plump, Hydropeptide Power Lift.