It is notoriously smelly and ugly. It is banned from hospitals in Thailand and most of pernickety Singapore. However, it is being hailed as an Asian superfruit; at least by the Durian marketing board in Thailand and, more recently, Dr Murad. Durian Cell Reform is a whole new(ish) line from Dr Murad that claims to prolong youthful looking skin.I'd never heard of the durian as being spectacularly nutritious, so I decided to do some checking. Its not bad, but is no superfruit. The durian has 62mg of vitamin C per 100 grams. Each (cute, little) kiwi has 75mg. When it comes to potassium, durian is a hopeless contender for superfruit status with only 27mg. A kiwi has 331mg.
As a quick aside, I'm beginning to feel sorry for
the kiwi. It never quite recovered from being relegated to a garnish in
bad, but pretentious, restaurants in the early 90s. It needs a
marketing overhaul and could do worse than jumping on the face food
bandwagon. The (pretty, fragrant) kiwi has nearly twice as much vitamin
C as an orange, a good amount of magnesium and it isn't bad on the
vitamin E front.

Now, vitamin A does bring durian into its own and, it must be admitted, here it leaves the kiwi standing: 100 grams of the smelly stuff has 890mg. And we all know that vitamin A (the basis of retinols) is a good anti-ager. Even here though, durian isn't the best. It turns out mango has nearly three times as much Vit A. You'd also be better off turning to avocado and cantaloupe.