Euoko, a Canadian cosmetic company, is launching Y-40 Blueprint Resculpting Cream in the US. In the advertising, the sources of Y40's powerful ingredients, including matrixyl 3000, reads like a 19th Century Grand Tour of Europe. Euoko's matrixyl comes from France (although I haven't come across any explanations as to why that should make it superior).

Truth in Aging's Rule Number One is that makers of potions and lotions must accessibly publish a full and detailed list of every ingredient. And not just on the package or jar. What about those of us who buy online? Now that I am beginning to understand a little more about some of the junk that can go into these things, I refuse to buy without having perused the ingredients list first. Euoka's so-called ingredients list is no more than flag-waving for countries whose currency is the Euro with, of course, wild claims about their quality and efficacy. I was about to give up on Euoka Y-40 when a peptide called Serilesine caught my eye.

Serilesine is a form of hexapeptide-10 that is made a Spanish company called Lipotec. A hexapeptide is a chain of six amino acids that stimulate cell activity by interacting with specific molecules. The result is that collagen is rebuilt and fine lines are supposed to be reduced and pore size reduced. Lipotec claims that Serilesine goes beyond mere collagen stimulation and actually increases the number of cells (without making them think there has been a trauma - unlike retinol). The lab pictures on the Lipotec website show a very impressive amount of cell proliferation (the picture is not a format I can download here unfortunately).

Serilesine is supposed to be so good because it is based on chains of laminin - the second most abundant protein in the skin after collagen, but buried deep down and, hence, often overlooked. According to Lipotec, laminin is brilliant at cell migration, cell growth and adhesion.

The problem  - for me, at least, is that the only study demonstrating all of this was conducted by Lipotec. Until independent studies corroborate these claims, I am reserving judgment.

Other than Euoko Y-40, I found very few products that contain Serilesine. One is Gatineau Melatogenine Future Plus Anti-Aging Cream and the other was Dermaxime Rejuvenating Day Cream.