I am going to experiment with drinking swamp water. Well at least that's what it looks like. Greens First is a concentrated form of vegetable juice that is mixed with water and drunk as quickly as possible (actually, it doesn't taste that bad) for the equivalent of 10 vegetable servings. For an extra energy boost, you can add a spoonful of spirulina, a powdered form of algae.

The point about all of this is that aging and acidity, the body's pH level being unbalanced, go together. Unbalanced pH leads poor skin tone and wrinkles (as well as stress, aches and pains, frequent colds and so on). The ideal pH level is 7.43, which is slightly alkaline. A lower level would indicate an overly acidic state. A high acid level is caused by eating sugars, processed foods, eggs, dairy and too much animal protein.

Research showing that an acidic pH balance leads to premature aging is pretty compelling. And the best - and quickest - way of getting a more alkaline balance is to make sure your diet follows the 80:20 rule; 80% of the food you eat should be alkalinizing.

Hence, I've decided to incorporate swamp water (as well as wolfberry juice) into my diet.