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June 10, 2011 Reviewed by Marta 2 Comments

We’re always getting new ideas and feedback on products from the TIA community, and thanks to your contribution we’re able to add fantastic new finds to the store quite often.

One of my favorite new products is ReLuma Eye Cream, which is so good that it is comparable to my all-time favorite, Your Best Face Correct. Not only does the eye cream have ReLuma’s signature (and effective) human adipose derived stem cell conditioned media as its main ingredient, but also it has a line up of seriously hard working wrinkle fillers, line erasers, and dark circle eliminators. Eyeliss, Eyeseryl and Matrixyl 3000 make ReLuma Eye Cream an excellent product. One bottle will probably last me for about four months, so it’s a pretty good value at $90 in the TIA store.

La Vie Celeste’s Extra Rich Face Cream with R-Lipoic Acid, ChroNOline and Apple Stem Cells ($75 in the TIA shop) is as versatile as it is effective. People of all skin types – be they oily, dry or combination – will find Extra Rich to be luxurious, hydrating and not too unctuous. And La Vie Celeste’s standard, top quality anti-aging ingredients, including ChroNOline and R-lipoic acid (not to mention a host of botanical antioxidants) will be sure to improve skin’s overall health.

Now that summer is approaching fast (and has probably hit some of you with a vengeance as it has here in New York), it’s time to get cracking on that area of skin that is overlooked for most of the year: the breast to chin region. La Isha Breast SOS ($45) is a surprisingly great mix of essential oils that has my breasts looking suppler. As for my neck, nothing seems to work as well as Osmotics Necollete ($75 in the TIA store), which works well for sagging and even for sun-damaged skin. And speaking of sun damage, no summer skincare routine would be complete without a topnotch sunscreen like Suntegrity Body Protection ($29 in the TIA store). Buy all three summer savvy products in our Plunge Into Summer Bundle ($119 in the TIA store) and save $30.

If you’re extra serious about sun safety, or just vigilant about keeping those wrinkles away then the Suntegrity Trio ($89 in the TIA store) may be just what you’re looking for. It includes Suntegrity Body Protection ($29 in the TIA store) and Face Protection ($45 in the TIA store), both SPF 30. Both also boast super safe zinc oxide as their active ingredient, and everything else they contain is either safe or beneficial or both. The Trio, which gives you a savings of $20, is topped off by Suntegrity Sun Defense Dietary Supplement ($35 in the TIA store), which will protect you from the inside out.

Natural hair care products are usually preferable to chemically based ones, but sometimes the performance of natural products lack effectiveness. Still, I’d rather not dump chemicals in my hair, either. I’ve found that Creo Nano Pro-Tec Hair Cleanser ($16) and Conditioner ($17 in the TIA store) have just the right combination of natural ingredients and ones with a little science behind them. My hair is left soft and frizz-free after using them.

The Sirius Skinsonic ($49 in the TIA shop) has been a bona fide hit in the TIA community, and rightfully so. It holds its own and then some when compared to its pricey rival, the Clarisonic. I was so inspired by a Sirius Skinsonic reader review written by Jana that described her usage of the brush with Your Best Face Prep ($80 in the TIA store), that I decided to create a bundle. Jana found that buffing with the Skinsonic improved Prep’s exfoliating power and helped Prep absorb deeper. When you buy the Sirius Skinsonic and YBF Prep Bundle, you save $15.

I’m excited to introduce three Juice Beauty products to the store: Green Apple Peel Full Strength ($45 in the TIA store), Green Apple Peel Sensitive ($39 in the TIA store) and Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer ($65 in the TIA store). If creams made from human stem cells aren’t your thing, then ones with fruit stem cells, like Juice Beauty’s Moisturizer, may be right up your alley. The peels are some of the company’s best sellers, and if you haven’t seen my interview with Juice Beauty founder, Karen Behnke, take a look here. You can actually see a noticeable difference between the skin she has used Green Apple Peel on and the skin she hasn’t.

  • June 11, 2011

    by Marta

    LVC has slightly reformulated its eye cream and it now contains ChroNOline. I have tried it and it is very nice and moisturizing, but I didn't have enough in the tester to comment on ChroNOline's long term effects. I think, Debbie, it depends on what you need. ReLuma is best when it has wrinkles to treat and if you have noticeable lines then I would go for that. If you want hydrating primarily and prefer natural/organic go for LVC. Hope that helps.

  • June 10, 2011

    by Debra

    Marta - How do you compare ReLuma's eye cream with La Vie's? I was going to order La Vie's as I like their products but now I'm not sure! Debbie

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