By Janet

I am in my early 50s with dry skin from being hypothyroid and living in high desert. I don't have many wrinkles, no pigmentation but am developing a sagging jowl line and I'd like to share what is working for me.

Diet and nutrition play a huge role in skin issues therefore I always try to eat healthy and supplementing where necessary. I have found that my nails and hair benefit greatly from omegas and even evening primrose, although I take it every other day otherwise I tend to have weird breakouts at times.

As for diet sodas and sugars, I found that diet soda sucks the life out of my skin, almost instantly. Within 12 hours I can see the effects. Steer clear and avoid sugar like the plague! 

I have found that quality skin care products can be found without breaking the bank:

Body Lotion

I have indeed tried them all and have found my skin loves the Juice Beauty Green Apple Firming Body Moisturizer ($18 for 8oz in the TIA shop). Others work well at moisturizing, even drugstore brands like AmLactin or Vanicream but I found this Juice Beauty the best at moisturizing and exceptional at attacking some crepey skin issues, really makes my décolletage look good!  – the price point is also very affordable.

Eye creams

Wrinkles/crows feet are not a major issue for me, instead just general under eye dryness due to allergies, sinus and living in a dry climate. I layer several products and am really liking a couple of Arcona’s: The Eyes Have It ($35 in the shop)and Peptide Eye Wrinkle Repair ($58 in the shop). I also use Stemulation Elevate Eye Cream ($75 in the shop). YBF Correct ($150 in the shop) is great for under eye circles. However I was not as impressed with the moisturizing benefits it offered and for the cost have found others that performed way better. Since my under eye area is so dry, I tend to layer products and find myself normally using these two Arcona products daytime and night-time. It just works better for me – I sometimes even put a thin-thin layer of Vaseline over everything at night just to keep the moisture locked in.

Face moisturizer

Another Arcona product is Desert Mist ($35 in the shop) and I have found it to work perfectly with my skin in the winter time. It leaves my skin dewey, not greasy, it did not cause me to break out and it was a perfect layering product under my regular moisturizer.

After trying so many moisturizers I honestly cannot remember all of them, the one that works the very best for me is considered ‘light’, is a gel-cream (which I’m normally not a fan of) but seems to connect with my chemistry and I use it summer and winter. Believe it or not it’s a DHC product called Moisture Fruit – the only drawback is it only comes in a 1.2 oz size, however it’s only $17. Dr. Ci labo’s Aqua Collagen Gel moisturizer ($144) is also very good but the DHC product is very similar, has fewer nasties in it and much, much cheaper.  If I need a big gun in the winter to ward off outdoor chapping, I’ll put on a very, very thin layer of Vanicream ($9.75) before heading outside.  It’s non-comodegenic and has no scent. It’s also a good body lotion if you’re looking for something heavier.

Mychelle products, which are made in Colorado, advertise that they are made with dry climate skin in mind, however I'm not a huge fan, although they will do in a pinch.


I go back and forth on a few different cleansers, however at the present (summer time), Platinum Skincare Basics 3 in 1 cleanser ($14.95) is tops on my list.  It has a mild exfoliant in it – I like but it may not be for everyone but I’m finding it not too harsh for my skin to use daily. I also always keep a bottle of Platinum Skincare’s 5% Lactic Cleanser ($23.95) on hand and use that to wash off my eye makeup in the summer. It's creamy and is very moisturizing. Once winter hits I revert back to the DHC Oil Cleanser to remove my eye makeup and often times cleanse my entire face with it. I’ve tried other oil cleansers, most of them Korean, and find DHC’s the best.

Suki's Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is also in my bathroom cabinet, and although it lasts a very long time, overuse of it dries my skin (although it feels great at the time of cleansing) and I have to add a few drops of water to keep the product from drying out in the glass jar. However I contradict everything by also keeping a bar of charcoal soap on my counter and find I use it frequently as my skin really likes the clarifying properties especially in the summer.


I have owned a Clarisonic Brush since they first came out and find I rarely use it – I feel it’s way too harsh although I would not classify my skin as sensitive.

I also do not get microdermabrasion or peels any longer and instead rely on my DPL Light Therapy device ($349). I also have a Dermawand ($120) and although I’ve not seen any significant changes I like the concept of oxygenation and feel I do get more color in my face if I use it consistently.  I would love to try TIA’s Ultra Renew Plus ($149 in the shop), but since I already have my DPL lamp, I can’t justify spending the money on it even though it looks like a wonderful product.


If I had the answer to sagging, be it a super serum or a lucky laser device, I would be a gazillionaire. I have yet, with all the lotions, potions and devices on hand, to find anything to combat my hereditary jowl sagging.  I do feel that light therapy helps, consistency being key. I have also found, much to my surprise, that exfoliation and moisturizing is the key to helping the neck area look better. It doesn’t cure it, but it helps the appearance. Overall for sagging, I’m relying on the DPL lamp to service that problem. Additionally, I also have a Face Yoga DVD even though I find it difficult to spend the time on it. Shame on me!