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What's Working For Me January 2018

January 2, 2018 Reviewed by Marta 11 Comments

I feel that I’m off to a great start for 2018 with a regimen that makes the most of some recent launches and new discoveries.

First, I should mention a stalwart that I use to target crow’s feet and forehead lines, the ever reliable ClarityRX Get Fit ($105.75 in the shop). This serum restricts the formation of expression lines with specialized peptides and I long ago lost count of the bottles I’ve bought. 

I then layer my new find KERACELL Re-cu-perate Recovery Serum ($100 in the shop) over the areas where I applied ClarityRX and over the rest of my face and neck. Although this is positioned as a serum for recovering after a procedure, I found during my trial that it was having a striking impact on my wrinkles – especially in combo with ClarityRX – and have continued to use it as my daily serum, making the most of its copper peptides and growth factors, ever since.

Re-cu-perate has had an impressive impact on my neck – helping to reduce the scaly, redness. I layer over it KERACELL’s neck cream, V-shape ($100 in the shop), which incidentally is also an excellent hand cream that has taken a few years off, as well as strengthening my nails so much that they grow too fast.

For eye serum, I am really enjoying using Sciote’s Vitamin C Eye Treatment ($65 in the shop). Despite its 5% shot of vitamin C, I don’t find it too drying – although some days I add MitoQ Eye Renew ($135 in the shop), which is a richer cream and it gives me a little more hydration if needed. The Sciote is notable for reducing dark circles and it gives my whole eye area a lighter, brighter look.

In the evenings, I add Medik r-Retinoate ($185 in the shop) every other day. Some days, if my skin is looking dry at the end of the day, I simply use Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Firming Peptide Oil ($62 in the shop). It is too oily for me to use during the day, but used at night it is guaranteed to give me a dewy glow the next morning.

Evening is when I use my devices (3-4 times per week, typically) and when doing ultrasound, I have incorporated Your Best Face Rescue ($145 in the shop) into my sessions by mixing it with the Treatment Gel. This idea came from community member, Jan-Marie, and it is genius. I’ve also been diligently using Dr. Dennis Gross LED eye mask, SpectraLite ($159 in the shop) and credit it (along with ClarityRX and the Sciote) for diminished crow’s feet.

A couple of staples worth mentioning include Your Best Face Define ($70 in the shop) – it deepens the color of my lips and seems to make them smoother and fuller if used regularly. The other staple (every couple of days or so) is Dr. Dennis Gross Universal (Original) Alpha Beta Peels ($88 in the shop), which keeps my pores clear and closed and keeps my skin looking as radiant as is possible at 58.

  • January 8, 2018

    by Rpg

    I'm really enjoying this site, but agree with others on the lack of budget alternatives. Seriously, adding up all the products you listed above, amount to more than all my monthly bills, combined. My current budget skincare favs:

    Mizon snail recovery gel - 74% copper peptide rich snail filtrate, which also brightens and eliminates dark spots, along with hyarulonic acid, allatoin , panthenol, and olive oil -- $5.50 a tube! Alternatively, Cerave moisturizers are highly rated, contain numerous cutting edge ingredients, and cost $10-$15!

    Scinic Honey all-in-one - 90% honey extracts with royal jelly, propolis, niacinide, ceramides, and over a dozen different plant extracts -- $17.00 for a whopping 12 ounce jar! Alternatively, "The Ordinary" makes exceptional serums -- at a cost between $6-15!

    Hada Labo premium lotion -- 5 different types/molecular weights of hyarulonic acid that each penetrate skin at different levels. -- $14.00 for a 5.7 ounce bottle! (No, the newer formulation doesn't contain any of those 3 questionable ingredients mentioned in your previous review.)

    They're cheap, and last forever. Slather them on (in reverse order listed above) and cover with a $3 reusable silicone mask for 30 minutes to an hour, for extreme penetration and silky smooth results!

    Sure, I like to splurge on occasion, but on a couple of luxury skin products, not everything! It's just not affordable. I limit luxury products to areas of greatest concern, for me, it's genetic dark under eye circles. For everything else, the products I listed are under $50 combined, last a good 6 months or more, and I've found them not only highly effective, but literally, transforming.

  • January 8, 2018

    by Carol Smith-Blum


    Hello Marta,

    You are looking great !!! You inspire me !!!

    I wish I could afford all these products you use, but, they are not in my budget. I am looking forward
    to your budget newletter, regarding a day and night skin regime, with all the great ingredients,
    that really work in making the skin younger and firmer, and minimal preservatives. Thank you
    for caring about women in every financial bracket. We know how hard you work to give us the
    best education in skin care, and we love you for it. You are the real deal, !!!

    A million thank yous, to you , Marta !!!!

    Carol Smith-Blum

  • January 6, 2018

    by Marta

    Hi Imelda, glad you like the DDG Triple Peptide - its a lifesaver when my skin is dry. When I feel my skin needs it, I use it at night on its own. Budget regimen suggestions will be posted on Monday

  • January 6, 2018

    by Irma

    Agree with everyone asking for a budget friendly approach to anti aging. Many of us are on tight budgets and cannot afford these products. Appreciate all you do, TIA, but lets not leave anyone out.

  • January 6, 2018

    by Imelda

    I also use the Dr. Dennis Gross Triple C Firming Peptide Oil at night and it has truly helped hydrate my skin this winter, although thankfully, it really isn't freezing here in Southern California. Marta, do you use this DDG Oil by itself or with other products? Looking forward to the "best for a budget" post.

  • January 5, 2018

    by Sharon O'Sullivan

    That would be great!

    My splurge has been the $100++ Clarity Rx Get Fit (& I think I’m seeing a softening on my 11’s after only a couple of days!); bought via TIA.

    But otherwise I, too, aim aiming for high results/ modest prices. For now I’m happy washing with Andalou’s coconut hydrating cleanser (seems pretty water soluble - so my treatments sink in), and using their age-defying almost-matte tinted spf30 (with resetvatol & Q10), each <$25. And at night I’m using Cyberderm’s 1% Retinol (<$50 Cdn, only 4 ingredients). For my daytime Vit C at the moment I’m using the very fishy scented CE Ferulic, but it’s too strong for my neck so am planning to move into the Mad Hippie (all products <$30 each) - either via TIA shop or once they arrive at Whole Foods in Canada.

    I also just ordered the Lip/Face natural chap skin balm from Organic to Green, to wear over the Vit C during the day (read a review of that one on Allure’s Best Naturals review; didn’t see it reviewed here but maybe I missed it).

    I am curious if anyone here has tried PCA skin’s silk balm or any other products; I haven’t seen any of their products reviewed here but I was told they are “clean” in terms of ingredients.

    Anyway, hope this info helps some people.

  • January 4, 2018

    by Marta

    Thanks Annie and everyone. I'll put something together for a post next week. In the meantime, note that I don't use all these every day and that means that they can last for many months. Also anyone can cherry pick - it doesn't have to be seen as an entire regimen. But I'll be back with the "best for a budget".

  • January 3, 2018

    by marsha

    Annie what a great idea!

  • January 3, 2018

    by Kelley

    I agree with Annie! The average working single Mom can't afford all these products. Everything you listed in your article adds up to over $1,200!! That's definitely not in this girl's budget. So I think doing a budget friendly regimen is a fantastic idea! I also agree with the suggestion of "if you can only afford X amount of dollars per month, here are some products that will give you more bang for your buck"! This is an amazing website and I use it as my "anti-aging Bible", but I can't always afford the products that are recommended, so to have a budget friendly but effective, product options would be great! Thanks for letting me put in my 2 cents!

  • January 3, 2018


    What I need is low cost quality skin care. No glycerine or hyaluronic acid as these dry out my skin. They don't work for everyone. I am 68 with sensitive skin and not rich!

  • January 2, 2018

    by Annie

    Here's a thought: how about a feature with "no-expense-spared" regimens adjacent to "on-a-budget" regimens, as in shelter magazines' "Low" v "High" decor options? I begrudge no one spending whatever they can and wish to on skin care, especially YOU who do such a great job with this wonderful website, but not everyone can...and we care just as much about looking our best. Another thought: a feature like "if you can spare only $__ per month" on skin care, hair care, etc., here is how we think you get the most bang for your buck, if you are trying to solve problem x. I get confused about so many products and find it hard to discern just where to plunk my hard earned bucks! Thanks!

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