head shot of marta

My attention has recently been focused on three things: how to get my glow back; mimimizing my crow’s feet, which seemed have deepened into ravines; and what to do about a vertical line that seemed to be forming on my left side between my mouth and ear. I am happy to say that real progress has been made on all fronts and, as always, when I take stock of what’s working for me, I am struck by the mix of old faithfuls and new finds that have become fixtures.

Perhaps the most surprising success has been revisiting Benir BV-9 Platinum Provectus Super Serum ($195 in the shop). I had a hunch that some of the peptides might be helpful for crow’s feet that I was starting to worry about. Potentially, there was a trifecta of expression inhibiting peptides, collagen building peptides (copper and Matrixyl 3000) and bee venom. I was right. I started to see the lines fanning from my eyes fade a little within just over a week and now five weeks on, I am in a very different place than I was when I started this experiment. I am definitely going to continue as I am impressed with what Benir is capable of – at least for the expression lines that I have honed in on.

The other product that I have been very happily reunited with is Sciote Peptide+Defense Firming Youth Serum ($105 in the shop). I was asked by Aldo, Sciote’s founder, to give it a try again as it has a new, improved pump. Although I am happy to confirm that the pump is working well, I was more interested in whether the serum’s combination of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A and Matrixyl 3000 would help me get my glow back. I typically do well on amino acids and with morning use of this serum, I am looking dewy. I couldn’t be more pleased.

As I get older (and possibly wiser), I am increasingly aware of the benefits of a proper night regimen. I had been testing Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Wrinkle Recovery Overnight Serum ($88 in the shop) and quickly realized that it was going to be a keeper. I really think this night serum with ferulic acid, retinol and niacinamide has turbo charged my regimen. I am appreciating improved radiance, clarity and smoothed out fine lines. I should note tbat I have decreased my beloved Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel ($88 in the shop) to every other day in the interest of not over exfoliating, as there are several alpha hydroxyl acids in the Overnight Serum as well as the retinol. Nonetheless, these transformative pads are now indispensible and I am on my fourth box.

As the DDG products are having a visible impact on my skin tone, my enthusiasm for trying to fade a dark spot below my right has been renewed. I have gone back to dabbing it with Medik8 White Balance Click ($80 in the shop) and, for the first time ever, I think it has lightened to an extent that has gone beyond subtle.

For moisturizer, I have incorporated Difinsa53 Skin Protectant Lotion ($62.50 in the shop) into my life with ease. I like that it hydrates, provides antioxidants, settles any skin flare ups and gives me some sun protection. I also fall back on I Pekar Moisturizer ($78 in the shop) when my skin seems extra thirsty and I want to keep things simple with good natural ingredients.

As far as eye serums go, I am having a break from testing and am giving my eyelids a firming lift with AQ Eye Serum ($99 in the shop). I only use it in the morning as I find I wake up with slightly puffy eyes if I use it at night. Evening eye creams of choice are SkinOwl Eye+ ($46 in the shop) or I Pekar Eye Cream ($68 in the shop).

A recent decision was to augment my Lux Renew treatments by dabbing on some of Deciem NIOD Copper Amino Acid Isolate Serum 1% ($60 in the shop). Although the name is a bit of mouthful, it basically copper peptides with a couple of other interesting peptides. I put it on before the Truth Vitality Treatment Gel as the ultrasound helps collagen-building ingredients penetrate. After removing the Gel at the end of the session, I like to spritz with a little of Your Best Face’s Uplevity toner/mist.

If I have a day off Lux Renew but a few minutes to enjoy a mask, then I reach for I Pekar’s Hungarian Thermal Mud Mask ($98 in the shop). Absolutely guaranteed to get my glow back on.