A couple of you were kind enough to remark on my video interview with Darrell Owens of Your Best Face that I was looking more rested. “Whatever you’re doing” said Jan, "keep doing it!” So what am I doing? Well, the one thing that I have been doing is coming to terms with menopause. This is a big bear that I haven’t wrestled to the ground yet, but I am learning that it can’t be left growling in the corner (denial, my initial strategy, proved an abysmal failure).

The thing that I could no longer deny was that menopause was making me look drained. Drained of vitality, color, moisture, firmness…. Junko described, in her “what is working for me now” round up, the effect as a “flatness” and I could relate to that. I was discovering that in the menopause zone “looking more rested", as opposed to deflated, requires a whole lot more work. The good news is that it may pay off - for the first time in a few months, I feel like I might be back in the driving seat. The regimen that is now working for me, includes a lot more heavy hitters, a night as well as morning regimen and my own secret weapon.

The secret weapon has, I believe, had the most overall impact: the combination of ultrasonic and LED. I’ve been a big believer in LED for several years now, but ultrasonic was something I was a little skeptical about. I started trying it at home when I was researching new LED devices for use at home and came across a few that were manufactured with an ultrasonic mode as well. I was amazed by the results – visible enough to be an impressive instant pick-me-up and cumulative over time. What started out as product testing – I wanted to make sure this was a reliable device that was worth importing making available for the Truth In Aging community – became a bit of an addiction. Any time I get an evening with 15 minutes to spare, I switch on my Ultra Renew ($89 in the TIA shop) and work on plumping and firming my skin. I do believe that keeping these sessions as much as four times a week are paying back and will continue to do so.

With the Ultra Renew out of the way, I am sticking with my night time regimen of the new Your Best Face Control ($160 in the TIA shop) which I think is contributing to improved elasticity. Sometimes I actually use it with the Ultra Renew, since ultrasound is supposed to helps serums penetrate and the antioxidants in Control are useful with the LED mode. I augment Control with Skin Nutrition’s Night Cream ($75 in the TIA shop), which I use on my crow’s feet.  Several months of this combination – which I am sure I would have found too rich a year or so ago – seems to be giving my parched menopausal skin the hydration it needs, while improving elasticity/texture.

Some evenings, I use Skin Nutrition’s Night Cream on my lip area. Alternate evenings, I use Osmosis Correct ($44), which has a deeper exfoliating effect (a new discovery that I think is here to stay). For some reason, I feel as if I should let them do their thing separately rather than layer them – hence the every other evening routine. In any case, my quirky approach is having an effect.

I had promised the nice people at AQ that I would use their fantastic serum (AQ Skin Solutions Active Serum) at night when, they insisted, it would be even more effective. I did give it a go, but ultimately went to back to using it in the mornings because I find YBF Control better suited to use with/after Ultra Renew. Anyway, whatever the time of day, I think AQ really is one of the best things I have found so far. I use it all over the face and pay particular attention to crow’s feet and around the mouth and marionette line area.

After all of this, my poor forehead has been neglected as it is the guinea pig of whatever else I am testing. Today I decided it needed some TLC and went straight back to Hydropeptide’s Hydrostem +6. For some reason, regular use smoothes out my forehead lines like nothing else.

As far as eye creams go, I am testing AQ’s eye serum and the early results are great, and I am continuing with Stemulation's neck and hand serum even though I have written my review.

A few months ago, I had the depressing feeling that menopause was getting the better of me. Now I’m feeling a little more confident that I can wrestle the bear. Now, what about those mood swings…..