Marta Wohrle

The other day, my esthetician Ildi Pekar remarked on how my skin was looking really good and, in particular, that it felt very firm. I positively purred with pride and I have to admit that I am very happy with my smoother and healthy-looking complexion. And since Ildi and I are both hard to please in this matter (she usually tsks and shakes her head at some inflammatory response I am getting to whatever I am testing), it seems worth sharing details of my current regimen.

The big shift is that since my last Marta This Month post (which was actually two months ago), I have gravitated more and more towards BioEffect ($110 to $210 in the TIA shop) as my serum of choice. I started testing it on crow’s feet only, but soon got results that tempted me to use it  on my entire face. It’s pared back formula with one key active, an epidermal growth factor derived from barley, really seems very suited to my skin. Although there was a spark of controversy about the key ingredient, I have done masses of reading and following up on clinical studies and I am not concerned about the safety of topical EGF (you can read more on that here).

It is worth pointing out that the larger bottle of BioEffect, which is still a relatively diminutive 0.5 oz, goes a really long way. More than three months in, I still haven’t quite finished my bottle. I have already bought a new one to have on standby -  I want to see if I can keep reaping the benefits of this serum. Certainly, so far, it has not plateaued (as so many seem to do).

I am giving Bioeffect a boost around my puckering chin and mouth area (my latest morbid obsession) with either Hydropeptide’s Hydrostem+6 or Chella Master Protocol 7. These, plus some LED light therapy once a week and I am beginning to feel as if I might be winning the battle.

A fixture from two month’s ago is Prana’s AU 24K ($96 in the TIA shop). I’m not sure why I decided to try it on the little thread veins on my cheeks, but I am glad I did. It is doing a very good job of fading them and calming redness and mild rosacea in general. Perhaps it is the anti-inflammatory action of the real gold flakes, or the fancy forms of B vitamins.

I am still using Your Best Face Define ($70 in the TIA shop) on my lips. But don’t ask me about eye creams as I am testing some new ones. Also I’ve sacrificed my forehead to testing Osmotics Renovage Cellular Longevity Serum. This was in the Fall Discover With Marta sample collection and I’d love to know what those of you who have been trying it to think of it. So far, I think it seems to be a good line smoother, but I’m not sure if it is responsible for two teensy breakouts. More to come on this one in a few weeks.