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What's Working for Me Winter 2019

Marta Wohrle
January 2, 2019 Reviewed by Marta 3 Comments

Since my last What’s Working For Me, back in the summer of 2018, my regimen has tilted toward targeting. In a way, I take this to be a good sign as it means I am happy enough my skin’s overall elasticity and wrinkle control to hone in on pesky problems such as redness, hyperpigmentation and open pores. Here’s what’s working for me now to keep my aging issues in check coupled with troubleshooting treatments.

When I glance in the mirror, I am mostly (well, there’s always a random bad day) pleased with the main indicators: firmness, wrinkles and hydration. I put this down to three products that I use religiously. Mornings I use Transderma O ($175 in the shop), a waterless serum that targets the mitochondria in the skin cells and seems to keep my skin smooth, firm and supple. ClarityRX Get Fit has neuropeptides to control expression wrinkles and I really do feel that it has reduced cross-hatching around the eyes and horizontal forehead lines.

Then at night, I use the newly formulated Control by Your Best Face ($160 in the shop). I love how this serum has evolved to become a silky, light and peptide-packed formula that does my skin a power of good overnight so that I wake up looking refreshed and firm.

Before anyone asks (and I am always happy to answer questions), you could use these three products day or night and use all three together (if you do, the order would be Get Fit where needed, Transderma O for the whole face, finishing with Control). However, I prefer to keep layers to a minimum and split them between night and say as described.

So, on to the targeting treatments. I think it’s probably due to the change of season, but my skin (historically rosacea-prone, but under control) has been redder than usual across my cheek bones. Using Medik8 Red Alert ($60 in the shop) has been a no-brainer. Within a few days, my skin calmed and after a week of daily use, I reduced to every other day.

The next surprising symptom that seemed to come out of nowhere is large pores all over my nose, spreading to my cheeks. Skinveda’s Tulsi Pore Refiner ($60 in the shop) works wonders and is extremely pleasant to use.

The third issue is hyperpigmentation with some uneven skin tone on the right side of my face. This is mostly due to neglect over the past year. One thing I have learned about aging is that the adage “the price of freedom is constant vigilance” is apt. So I am back on the case with a dab on the offending areas with Your Best Face Brightening Concentrate ($32 in the shop) in the mornings and Transderma A, retinol serum ($175 in the shop) at night. YBF’s form of kojic acid is stable in sunlight, whereas retinyl palmitate is not – this guides when I use them.

I also use Transderma A on the lines around my lips at night. Mornings I use Keracell Re-Cu-Perate ($120 in the shop). This way, I am exfoliating and repairing.

As my skin is a little oily, I don’t use much moisturizer, except a as a primer before applying a light foundation, something I only do if I am going out to a meeting or see friends (meaning, I don’t bother for the gym or just sitting at my computer). Anyway, my moisturizer/primer of choice these days is either Airelle Intense Hydrating Repair Complex ($119 in the shop) or Transderma M ($175 in the shop).

  • February 8, 2019

    by Kelley

    Thank you for responding Marta.I will keep using vitamin C every day then glycolic a couple times a week and now add Retinol just a few times a week too. That's good advice thank you.

  • February 8, 2019

    by Marta

    Hi Kelley, I think retinol (or any harsh exfoliant) and the Hayflick Limit could apply with years of continuous use. I only use retinol very cautiously - I target it on areas that need extra attention - currently I am only using it on lip lines and my neck, only at night, and no more than 4x per week. I also have a break from it after a few months.

  • February 7, 2019

    by Kelley

    Hi Marta I see you are using Retinol I read where you said not to use it because of hayflick limit so since you are using it do you think it's safe?Also how often are you using it? Also I see your best face control serum has peptides are peptides safe to use in regards to hayflick?

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