I was delighted when Truth In Aging asked if I would be interested in writing a post on “what’s working for me now.” In addition to all of the La Vie Celeste products that I truly love, there are some other great finds that I have incorporated into my daily routine that not only make my life easier, but also actually work.

AM Routine

I start by cleansing with the LVC Exfoliating Mother of Pearl Cleanser ($40 in the shop). What I love about this product is that it is super gentle (detergent, fragrance and oil free), but also effectively cleanses and exfoliates with the help of Mother of Pearl and pink and white clays. The texture is amazing; no foam or suds – just a beautiful silky feel with a lovely peachy-pink color that doesn’t strip or dry.

TIP: I only use a drop in the morning (more in the PM) since all of my makeup was removed the night before.

Next, I follow with a spritz of the LVC Restorative Illuminating Toner ($35), which provides oil-free moisture and is packed with some wonderful antioxidants, including organic aloe vera, etc. The LVC toner may be what all drier skin types need in the AM for a gentle cleansing. You can apply it to a cotton pad and just swipe (your LVC Mother of Pearl Cleanser would last twice as long).

Next, I use the new LVC Eclairage Restorative Serum ($98.50 in the shop), which is also oil and fragrance free, but super hydrating – don’t let the matte texture fool you. I use just a thin layer to cover my face including the eye area. I also apply to any dark spots that I may have on my hands. This serum is really gorgeous and does a great job of smoothing out the skin in addition to brightening, evening out skin tone, and helping to diminish dark spots.

I then follow up with the LVC Day & Night Restorative Face Cream ($65 in the shop) and Restorative Rose Hydrosol Eye Cream ($60 in the shop). Both contain our signature R-Lipoic Acid. Because I don’t have dry skin, I only use the Extra Rich Cream ($75 in the shop) on dry patches in the winter. I proceed by applying Sunforgettable SPF 30 Powder Sunblock ($50) by Colore Science in the “Perfectly Clear.”

Next, I apply the LVC Illumine Under-Eye Concealer ($30) in light/medium for an instant brightening look. It is also great for covering under-eye circles. I alternate between applying it with the LVC Small All Over Brush ($14) and the Large ($16). The small all-over brush is also great for covering smaller areas such as blemishes or dark spots.

I always apply my eye makeup before foundation. Since LVC does not yet have eye shadows and mascara etc., I have some personal favorites from some other lines. I currently use three eye shadows by Laura Mercier that I wear just about every day. I use Stellar for under the brow bone and Guava (a beautiful peachy-pink) for the lid (I also alternate with Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow in Champagne #13 for the lid area). Both have a beautiful understated shimmer to them. I use the Laura Mercier shadow in Cafe au Lait in the crease. It is a gorgeous brown suede shade that is not too light or too dark. Allure.com recently rated this as one of its favorite eye shadow colors.

Next, I apply my eyeliner pencil. My two favorites are: Laura Mercier’s Stormy Grey, which is much softer than black. It is the most beautiful gray pencil I have found. My other favorite is a very soft muted black by Make-Up Forever in 1L. Then I apply my mascara. I don’t use expensive mascaras as I don’t find them to be any better than department store brands that I have used. I haven’t yet found any natural mascaras that I love. I have used mascaras by both Prestige and Wet & Wild, and they both offer some really good choices for only a few dollars.

Next, I apply the LVC Loose Mineral Powder Foundation ($30) in Vintage Beige and use the Crème Foundation ($39) in the same shade (or Flaxen Beige) to cover any red spots or uneven skin tone. I follow-up with the LVC Finishing Powder ($25) in Ecru to set and help reduce any oily break-through during the day. The Finishing Powder works beautifully to set the Crème Foundation as well. I apply both the Powder Foundation and the Finishing Powder with the LVC Jumbo Buffer brush ($34). It applies so easily, and there is no need for extra “buffing.” All of the LVC brushes are vegan and cruelty free.

I then apply my blush, which is a loose mineral powder in a raspberry shade. It is prototype for a possible upcoming LVC blush line and gives a beautiful natural flush to your skin.

PM Routine

I start by removing my eye makeup. While the LVC Mother of Pearl Cleanser is a wonderful gentle cleanser, it is not that effective at removing mascara. To remove eye makeup, I use Neutrogena’s Oil Free Liquid Eye Make-Up Remover. The main reason I use this brand (after much trial and error) is because it doesn’t sting in the least.

Next, I do the same routine as in the AM with the LVC skincare. Once or twice a week in the PM, I use the LVC Exfoliating Glycolic Gel Mask ($60 in the shop), which is great at exfoliating and smoothening the skin. It also goes a long way in helping skin to stay clear. I follow with the LVC Toner, Serum, face and eye creams.

I don’t like fussy or time-consuming routines, so the above works really great for me!

Teri Dourmashkin is the founder of La Vie Celeste skincare. Read our interview with her here and watch a video demonstration of her products here.