Map of the United States

Sperling's Best Places, an independent research firm, joined forces with major beauty brand Roc to publish a ranking of all 50 states in the U.S. (plus Washington, D.C.) based on how wrinkle-prone its residents are. The winner? No big surprise here: New York — Truth in Aging's home state. At the bottom of the list was none other than Alaska.

The study gathered already existing skincare data and weighed environmental factors of aging such as pollutants/smog, sun exposure, smoking, stress, geographic elevation and changes in temperature. One of the most surprising finds was that notoriously sunny states, such as Florida and California (with smog-covered Los Angeles, no less), ranked relatively low on the list.

You can ready more about the study, and see where your state ranks, here. We’d love to hear if any of the rankings surprised you!