Wearing proper protection from the sun jumped to new heights when Nigella Lawson wore a full on body suit, at the beach. The curvaceous cook hid her body in what could be described as a floral print body bag. I completely understand her want of protection but that seemed a bit excessive. Still, clothing manufacturers are cashing in on the public's fear (and rightfully so) of skin cancer.

The latest craze may just be gloves. Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve seen women wearing gloves, perhaps the last time was in that bygone era of black and white films with movie starlets- but they’re making a comeback. Sort of.

These gloves I speak of come from Sunsibility, which manufactures a whole line of clothing aimed at protecting people from the suns harmful rays. They’re rated at SPF50 and come in short, medium, and long so you can choose just how much of yourself you want to protect.

I hate to admit it but this brand might actually be on to something. The skin on your hands is quite thin (hardly any fat cells) so they’re getting a full blast of sun every time you go out. And since we use our hands a lot, chances are we might be removing some sunscreen unknowingly if we did indeed apply sunscreen to them. The gloves especially great for those who hate applying sunscreen and for people that drive since drivers tend to have their hands/arms exposed for long periods of time in direct sunlight.

The biggest downsides are that you’re wearing gloves, a lot of people just aren't ready to walk around in gloves whenever they are outside. To block out the sun, the fabric is tightly woven which is a great protector, but if you’re in a hot area, wearing gloves might be extremely uncomfortable and equate to sweaty hands. Another concern would be tan lines, unless you’re completely covered than you might have a very uneven skin tone in a very noticeable part of your body. This isn’t like a bikini tan line that you can hide by simply wearing a shirt. The worst part is that the gloves will cost you an arm and a leg; $50 will get you a pair of short gloves in one of 20 colors while the long pair goes $65. Then again, these are custom gloves. The company wants you to draw your hand out so they can make gloves that fit perfectly, still, $50 seems pretty steep for a pair of gloves that only block out the sun.

We want to hear your thoughts about the sunscreen gloves, would you actually consider wearing them or would you rather take your chances with sunscreen?