Super anti-oxidant foods seem to be being discovered all the time. The latest is coffeeberry (unripe fruit of coffee plants). To give you a yardstick by which to be impressed by the coffeeberry, the oxygen radical absorption capacity (ORAC) of blueberries is 2,400. For the wolfberry it is a whopping 25,000. The coffeeberry is supposed to be nearly as good at 15,000 to 17,000 - and that is higher than green tea or pomegranate.

Although it must be said that there is a lot more published data on tea and pomegranates than on coffeeberry, it still seems worth seeking out products that incorporate this. Easier said than done. Allure magazine described coffeeberry as one of the best kept secrets of the beauty industry. That's not an exaggeration. I could only find one brand that has made the coffeeberry its key ingredient is Revaleskin.

This is frustrating because I don't think that Revaleskin's products look all that good.There is a cleanser, night cream and day cream with SPF 15, each with a 1% concentration of coffeeberry. The day cream also has tea and soybean protein, but otherwise I didn't think there was much to write home about (basically, lots of standard silicone and emollient ingredients).

Why is Revaleskin the only brand with coffeeberry I could find? It turns out that the makers of Revaleskin have trademarked 'The Coffeeberry'. That's like owning the trademark to The Grapefruit or The Pimento. Completely ridiculous. Surely that isn't in the consumer's interest.