If you wake up with a hair’s nest and a crumpled cheek, you might want to blame your cotton pillowcase. The idea is that a cotton pillow case absorbs your moisture as you sleep leaving you with dry skin and brittle hair. So toss the cotton and sleep against satin, which is non absorbent and doesn't leave crease marks - that eventually become perma-creases otherwise known as wrinkles - on your skin. Chemically treated hair will be especially appreciative. That's it- no expense account at Sephora and no rituals.

I first came across Neero & Ana’s satin pillow case a couple of years ago and really found it made a difference. I am now starting to sell them in the TIA shop starting with the standard at $30. Here’s why it is worth checking them out.  The pillow case made of bridal quality satin acetate and the idea is that it will not, unlike cotton, absorb valuable moisture while you sleep and leave you with dry, brittle hair.

Satin is not a fabric but a weave. Be warned that if you see something called ‘sateen’ as this is actually polished cotton. Neero & Ana use acetate bridal satin that is machine washable. Satin's quality is measured by 'float' (unlike cotton's threads). The highest float count possible is eight and Satin Hydration Therapy's pillow cases measure in at six.

It comes so beautifully packaged that it is eminently giftable. For the practically minded, know that it is machine washable.