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Willa Natural Skincare face wash, moisturizer and tinted SPF - reader reviewed


Gets girls thinking about skin care early


Face wash dried skin and tinted SPF contains silicones
October 4, 2013 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
Great concept but ingredients are not ideal

by Michelle

My daughter, age 7, has tried the Willa Natural Skin care line. My daughter has a natural medium tanned tone to her skin. She has a few flesh colored bumps by her nose and forehead.

Willa Natural fresh foaming face wash ($11)
This comes in a nice dark purple bottle - definitely targeted to young girls. It has a very nice smell - like nice light meadow plants. This is a very foamy cleanser using coconut derived sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate instead of something like sodium lauryl sulfate for the foaminess. Foaming cleansers can be irritating. According to the Journal of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, the C16 in this ingredient means it has 16 Carbon atoms, making this less irritating that C12 for example. But on its own, olefin sulfonate can be just as harsh as SLS.

Fragrance is added in the ingredients. Generally I don't like fragrance in products, as they can be irritating. Dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol are used as preservatives.

About 3 weeks into use, my daughter's skin did have dry patches around the nose and eyebrows. She has never had dry skin before. Based on that, I wouldn't get this product again.

Face friendly clear moisturizer ($11.50)
This product went on the skin very nicely, rubbed in nicely, though stayed sticky for a minute while it absorbed. The ingredients in this moisturizer are actually really good. Not much not to like, although I have heard that citrus and eucalyptus extracts can be irritating to skin with citrus causing increased risk of sunburn. All in all, I wouldn't mind buying this again.

Face the day SPF 30 tinted face protection ($14.50)
When my daughter first put this on, she said it felt very smooth, but not being used to tinted products said that her skin looked a weird color. We used only about a third of a pump, just to get an idea how tinted this actually was and if it would work with her skin tone. Once it was all rubbed in, the color matched her tone nicely. The instructions do say apply liberally. As with any sunscreen, it must be applied liberally in order for it to work and prevent sunburn. So the next day she used almost a full pump, which we had to wash off because there was just too much tint.

I tried all the products on my forearm and was amazed at how silky, soft and smooth this sunscreen was. That was until I found out the silky feeling comes from silicones. I had read the article in Truth in Aging about the good and bad of using silicones and have tried to avoid them in my own skincare partly due to the pore clogging and heavy feeling of silicones on my skin. Willa is supposed to be, an all-natural line, and silicone is one of the most abundant elements in nature, but there is just too many silicones in this product with cyclopentasiloxane being the first inactive ingredient. It did work as a sunscreen though. But, I definitely would not buy this again.

I think it is great to have a skincare line just for girls. My daughter definitely liked having her own products "just like mom" she said. Having her own things got her to use them every day. The only thing I would buy again would be the Clear Face Moisturizer.

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