The Y Lift is the signature procedure of a New York plastic surgeon called Yan Trokel (I presume he named his treatment after himself). It is basically injections of hyaluronic acid. But the twist is that Dr T has designed his own injection device and follows the incisions by massaging the filler into place with his hands.

An intrepid journalist from the British newspaper, Daily Mail, gave it a try and posted pictures of the results. Now, which do you think is the before and which the post Y Lift procedure?

The picture below is after $4,000 worth of Y Lift Treatment.

Well, I'm sorry, but I think she looks lovely in the top (before) picture. Not a wrinkle in sight. A full, healthy face. Afterward she looks gaunt and much, much older.

It has to be said that she is delighted with her new look. Especially her "arched" brows and "Charlotte Rampling" cheekbones.

I think that some psychological transformation happens to all of us whenever we undergo something ridiculously expensive and/or painful that convinces us we did the right thing. After all, who wants to drop four gs and admit it wasn't worth it. (Read our articles on procedures that work without being invasive: LED, microcurrent, Pelleve