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Yarok Feed Your Shine Hair Serum Drops ($24 in the TIA shop), described as before/after styling drops, should not be confused with Feed Your Sunshine Hair Serum, which is a before swimming/after sun treatment. The serum drops are a rebranding of Yarok’s Serum 1 Illume your Blonde previously reviewed on TIA and now recommended for use as a finishing product. I was eager to try the serum drops since my last shine serum switch to Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine spray didn’t go very well. The spray left an exceedingly slippery film on the bathroom floor and I was fortunate to avoid a potentially hazardous fall. Gorgeous hair is not worth risking a concussion and Morrocanoil should really be required to put a warning on the label!

Shiny hair has been something missing in my life since… I suppose, the first horrible perm I just had to have - against my parents’ wishes - as a junior in high school. The highlighting and daily styling using a hair dryer that ensued seems to have sucked up any natural moisture my hair ever had. I recently began to take it easier on my hair and stopped highlighting it a few years ago. I try to avoid shampooing or blow-drying altogether if I can. Since I can’t avoid showering (that would be inconsiderate to others since I usually go to the gym in the morning), my stylist has advised me to simply rinse my hair really well and only use a conditioner on most days, shampooing two to three times a week at most.

While I’m on a “do no harm to my hair” kick, I was thrilled to try out a Yarok hair product as the sustainable line is in the process of having all of its “consciously sourced and responsibly harvested” ingredients certified organic. Yarok actually translates to “green” in Hebrew. The hair care line is 100% vegan and free of alcohol, parabens and sulfates. The shine serum ingredient list, a concoction of several oils, is refreshingly short and well thought out. The serum is made up of sesame (hair shaft moisturizer) coconut (hair softener), wheat germ (natural preservative when mixed in other oils), clary sage (antioxidant essential oil) and petitgrain oils (balances moisture levels).

The serum can be used pre- or post-styling by warming it between the palms of your hands and applying to the hair. It’s important to remember that the serum is largely a blend of oils and really must be applied “sparingly.” The very first time I used it, the sweet woman who threads my eyebrows asked me if I’d just come from the gym. Hoping to avoid another greasy-looking blunder, I tried using the serum pre-heat styling per the instructions but didn’t find that it added shine as promised. I’m not certain that it did much to protect my hair from heat either. As I used my Conair Instant Heat hot brush, I couldn’t help imagining oil literally frying in my hair. Perhaps I’ll avoid reading the ingredients list before using a product next time.

What I was surprised to learn, rather inadvertently, is that the oil concoction is capable of preventing one of the worst hair disasters known to humankind; a problem that dimethicone cannot manage - humidity-induced frizz! There have been a few days of London-like, bothersome drizzle in New York the past week and once I mastered applying the shine serum sparingly, I couldn’t help but admire my climate-conquering shiny hair.

Ingredients: Pure Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Roman Chamomile, Clary Sage, Atlas Cedar and Petitgrain Oils