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Your Best Face Correct Review

is a Solution for:
Crow's Feet, Dark Circles, Fine Lines, Puffy Eyes, Sagging Skin, Wrinkles
Your Best Face Correct .5 oz
November 4, 2011 Reviewed by Becky 3 Comments
TRU Rating
An effective method to tackle aging eyes


Smoothed out eye area and diminished wrinkles


Not very moisturizing

This product has been reformulated. Please visit the shop for the most up to date review.

< p>I don't think I have ever smiled at myself so often in a mirror before using Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop). It wasn't just that I enjoyed using this potent cream, I did (and will continue to), but the mirror mirth action is research: are my genetically endowed smile grooves different after using the Correct for a month? I think so!

I have applied YBF Correct faithfully twice a day for a month now under my eyes as well as above them. The pale yellow gel-like lotion absorbs very quickly, making it easy to follow with makeup immediately (a big plus when rushing to catch a bus). The texture of my skin after is slightly tacky but only for a few minutes. I would have preferred a more moisturized feeling for a longer period of time, especially now that it’s cold enough to have the heat on indoors. I had no irritation whatsoever. YBF Correct also played well with my other products: Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum ($34 in the shop), Mad Hippie Face Cream ($25.99 in the shop), and the Luminous Peptide Serum with coQ10 from a local Seattle spa (Ummelina).

Your Best Face Correct has a slight almond scent, which dissipates quickly. It took me a few days to identify what it was, but upon reading through the list of ingredients and not finding any almond listed, I’m assuming the smell must come from the nutmeg butter. Speaking of ingredients, the Correct has a long and impressive list. I don’t know enough to go into detail, but from the past few months of reading Truth In Aging, I recognize many as heavy hitters (Matrixyl 3000, idebenone, alpha lipoic acid) along with a number of natural substances, including licorice root extract listed close to the top.

So, what changed? The grooves that appear when I smile? Not so much. Thank you, Dad, for those. But when my face is at rest, the skin under my eyes was definitely smoother with few signs of the grooves’ recent journey.

*Editor's Note: Since this review was published, Your Best Face Correct has been reformulated for 2014.

  • November 9, 2011

    by Becky

    Thank you both for your kind words. I am still enjoying the rest of my review sample and looking forward to doing another review for TIA.

  • November 5, 2011

    by spo

    I second Just D - great review, Becky...

    I also agree with Just D in the rest of what she said.. I too am using Reluma eye cream and I just love it!!!

    However, from what I hear about YBF Correct from the TIA community - I'm really tempted to get on this band wagon too..

    I have a sample of Correct from the TIA promo and I think I will start to use that as a test.. I suspect I will never give up on Reluma but maybe I will like Correct enough to add it to the regimen for special use.

  • November 4, 2011

    by JustD

    Great review Becky. I may have to breakdown and try this product. I'm currently using Reluma's eye cream along with my Sirius Aurora and I don't know if the eyecream deserves the credit or the Sirius, but something's working. When I finish the Reluma, I may bite the bullet and consider jumping on the YBF Correct ship as well. I just have to be careful because I've learned that not every great review works for me.

    I am using some of the same products as you, so it may be a consideration worth trying.

    Regardless, enjoyed your review and so glad that you're enjoying the benefits the product is gifting you!

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