yes to blueberries line reducing lip treatment

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on August 2, 2014


by Connie

I am in my 70s and my skin is dry. I used Yes to Blueberries Line Reducing Lip Treatment ($7.99) as instructed every day. I found that the product was very easy to apply, and I loved the size of the tube, which was easy to hold. The product itself was soft and smooth going onto the area around my mouth and on my lips.

Did I see any difference? Every day, I looked at myself in the mirror as I applied the Yes to Blueberries Line Reducing Lip Treatment. I couldn’t see any difference. However, I had before photographs that showed my lip and mouth area before I began using the treatment. I thought that surely those would reveal some change, some improvement, some of my wrinkles gone. Could there be at least one wrinkle gone after using Yes to Blueberries for a month?

I put my before and after pictures side-by- side on my computer screen. I am so sorry to say I can see NO improvement in the wrinkles around my mouth. Maybe I am too old for YES to Blueberries to work for me. Who knows? I gave it my best shot, but it did not work for me.