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You Told Us: What Really Works for Large Pores

What Really Works for Large Pores
Is a Solution for:
Large Pores
February 3, 2015 Reviewed by Truth In Aging Community 2 Comments

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Large pores can be more than aesthetically displeasing — they can get clogged with oil and debris, leading to breakouts. Trying to minimize their appearance is an exercise in frustration for many, judging by the feedback we receive from the Truth In Aging Community. That's why our readers are also the best source of information for solutions that really work. You've put these cleansers, moisturizers, serums and treatments to the test and left your glowing feedback about their ability to shrink the appearance of large pores and leave skin smoother, clearer and more radiant. Read on for highlights from community reviews about how these 10 standout products worked for them.

Favorite Products for Minimizing Pores

Sevani Rapid Renewal Resurfacing Creme ($68) is a multitasking moisturizer, skin brightener and pore-closer, containing natural fruit acids, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and anti-inflammatory botanicals and helping to even out skin tone, minimize wrinkles, fade age spots and reduce blemishes.

"It absorbs into skin very quickly leaving my skin soft and moisturized without greasiness. It has a great smell too. I haven't used that long yet but my enlarged pores look smaller and my skin look lot better already. I am looking forward using this product everyday and can't wait to try other products from Sevani soon!" —Sonoko

"Seriously...where did my pores go? I actually thought that this morning when I looked in the mirror! It is all natural, smells like lemon cream pie, and mattifies my pores. Everything everyone says about this cream is true. I am 31 and have combination skin." —Kristina

"It really does hydrate my combination skin while evening out tone, minimizing pores, smoothing out texture and calming breakouts. Although it's gentle, it's amazingly effective!" —Sarah

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Vitamin B Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover ($42) is a luxurious multi-tasker that lifts away impurities and makeup while moisturizing skin and restoring pH balance. This creamy cleanser contains papain, a fruit enzyme that exfoliates and softens skin, and a vitamin B complex pumpkin that detoxifies and tones.

"I've been using this product for over a month and a half. How should I put it? I LOVE IT! Gentle on my skin, tough on make up. I love the fragrance and how my skin feels after I use it. Not greasy at all even though it's an oil. Only this week I tried it as a deep cleanser and exfoliator just as it says on the jar and I couldn't believe the results. My skin was deeply cleansed and soft, my pores reduced. No black heads in sight. Amazing." —Ines

"Once the cleanser/mask is rinsed off, I am left with clean, make-up free, moisturized skin that does not feel tight or irritated. I have been using this twice per day and the pores are definitely receding. This cleanser is a terrific find!" —Cheryl

MitoQ Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum ($119 in the shop) promotes healthy cell function by using a unique form of ubiquinone that works with the mitochondria. It supports collagen and elastin production, helping to firm skin, smooth lines and diminish age spots.

"I really didn't notice any difference until my fourth week of use — my skin looked firm to the touch. After washing my face one evening, I came out of the bathroom, and my daughter said, 'Mom, your skin looks so good — what have you been using?' I looked in the mirror and noticed that it indeed looked good. Now in my fifth week, the skin around my cheeks is firmer and my pores almost non-existent. It feels smooth to the touch and has a glow to it." —Naheed

"I am not one to believe hype or 'quick fixes,' but right away, my skin felt luscious (confirmed by my fiancé), the tone was brighter and my pores looked smaller. By the end of my trial, I compared the pictures and could not believe the difference." —Elisabeth

Skin Nutrition Cell CPR ($150) packs powerful anti-aging actives, including growth factors, copper peptides, plant cells and amino acids, into its deceptively lightweight serum. It helps plump and smooth aging skin and restore a youthful, radiant glow.

"My skin just drank up this light, pleasant-smelling cream; my pores appeared shrunken and fine lines and wrinkles were softened. My skin now looks and feels smoother and firmer, and its overall tone seems to have evened out a bit, as well." —Imelda

Your Best Face Prep ($80 in the shop) is a creamy microdermabrasion treatment that is packed with collagen-boosting Matrixyl 3000. TEGO Pep 4-Even, a skin-brightening peptide, works to balance uneven pigmentation while vitamin C and antioxidants heal and protect the skin.

"I am a scrub addict, there I said it. I have been in search of the perfect one thought I found it in the last kit by Marta. But having tried YBF Prep I know now this is the one. I have large pores around my nose that I am so self conscious of and this minimized them with the first use I could not believe it. By the time I finished the jar not only did my skin look really great but pores are practically no more. I hope this helps someone looking for a fantastic scrub and I agree with Marta use on neck and chest area also you will be pleased with the results." —Mary S

"I do love this... exfoliator/microdermabrasion/masque — because it's all three . It's gentle enough not to aggravate my rosacea, it cleans out my pores and it helps make inroads into my tiny wrinkles. What's not to like? It smells good, feels good and is gentle to use a couple of times a week." —Sheena

Medik8 CE-Tetra ($115 in the shop) is a gentle, non-drying vitamin serum with vitamins C and E that helps combat sun-induced skin damage. It improves skin's texture and tone, brightens hyperpigmentation, protects against free radicals and stimulates synthesis of new collagen and elastin.

"The results are not so subtle anymore. The right side of my face is smoother, firmer and the pores are smaller. I even decided to stop using this product for three days to see if the results were permanent or just an effect of the serum on my skin. The results are real. If I had to quantify it, I'd say the four weeks of using it have turned the clock back five years for me." —Mare

Arcona Vitamin A Complex ($68) diminishes sun damage and hyperpigmentation with a glycolic acid complex, while retinol exfoliates the skin and helps to diminish wrinkles. This firming and smoothing serum improves your complexion by boosting collagen and skin's elasticity.

"I just love this product and don't ever want to be without it. It absorbs quickly and it has made a noticeable difference in the visible texture and radiance of my facial skin. What's remarkable is that after using this product just a few times, my pores were less congested and smaller — more refined. I have always had to struggle with large pores that became blocked easily. Not anymore, thanks to Arcona Vitamin A Complex." —Annette

Your Best Face Private Reserve Antioxidant Oil ($75 in the shop) improves skin's suppleness and speeds healing. Along with YBF's signature actives of spin trap and Lipochroman-6, this antioxidant-packed formula contains vitamin E succinate, a specialized form of vitamin E that helps improve skin's elasticity.

"I am 51, fair with some sun damage from my youth. I have dry skin. Last month I decided to try YBF Private Reserve that I purchased last summer and never used. I LOVE IT! I used it with my ultra renew the whole month I was out there. Yesterday, when I went to the hair salon-EVERYONE could not get over how good my face looked. Fine lines are diminished, pores smaller and I have a glow. I found it to be just the right amount of hydration." —jaspergirl

"My face has a more even tone, and is more supple with twice daily use for the past 3 weeks. I even think my pores may be a bit smaller." —Kimberly

La Vie Celeste Exfoliating Mother of Pearl Cleanser ($40). Free of soap, detergent, oils, fragrance and toxic chemicals, this non-foaming cleanser gently cleanses and exfoliates, leaving skin soft, silky and hydrated. It's uniquely formulated with Mother of Pearl and pink and white clays.

"Incredible product — I guess I can now retire my skinsonic cleaning brush. I'm amazed that this cleanser removes everything from my pores and then closes them back up. A complete and pleasant surprise to me because I've never experienced this from any cleanser before. Love the feel of this cleanser when I massage it on my face and truly appreciate the way it makes my skin look after rinsing. (I have mature, dry and sometimes sensitive skin). What a great product for me!" —Pamela

"This cleanser leaves my skin silky smooth. The pores on my nose are definitely reduced after I use it (both by itself in the morning and used with my Clarisonic in the evenings). I like the creamy consistency, and the smell is very pleasant. I consider this a good investment in keeping my skin looking good." —Jennifer

Royal Nectar Face Mask with Bee Venom ($68) is a deeply hydrating, lifting and rejuvenating treatment that gently firms skin and helps reduce lines. Containing anti-inflammatory bee venom as the key active, along with manuka honey and a soothing blend of waxes and oils, it helps give skin a healthy glow.

"This is my absolute favorite thing right now. I actually use it once a week or so as an overnight treatment and the next morning my pores are less visible, my tone is more radiant and my skin is so well hydrated." —Christina

Are there any skin care products you've tried from TIA that have successfully minimized large pores? Let us know in the comments below!

  • February 3, 2015

    by Cynthia

    I'm looking forward to trying some of these other products for this problem which I'm always fighting.

    But first I just have to raise a glass to YBF Prep. I've not been without it since I first tried it through TIA several years ago. It is a fabulously effective exfoliator, and great for minimizing pores. Plus I love the way it smells. It's worth the price!

  • February 3, 2015

    by TaraB

    You have to try Beaulees Bedew! Very affordable moisturizer loaded up with vitamins and anti-oxidants to naturally keep your skin smooth, supple and glowing. Love the stuff and it smells delish. Enjoy!

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