Our Rating: 3 stars

Reviewed by Susan

You know how when we are young, we are encouraged to invest money so we will be in a better place financially when we are older?  Well, I regard YBF Boost ($65 in the TIA shop for 1oz) in the same way when applying this wisdom to skin care.

Boost is one product in a line of outstanding skin care.  Although I was asked to test it, it would generally be unsuitable for me to use on a regular basis, as I am middle-aged and need a product containing substantially more moisture and anti-aging ingredients.

However, at this time in my life, I’ve endured a stressful, albeit positive, move from Oregon to California.  For a month or so after moving, my skin reflected my inner stress, and I applied Boost in order to nourish it, as my heavy-duty creams seemed to exacerbate the problem.  Boost took care of my skin with its superior ingredients during this trying time.

Boost is an excellent product for those who are younger (30s-40s) and those with oily skin prone to breaking out. I wish this product had been around when I was younger. I’m convinced my skin would appear to be 40-years-old, rather than 50+!

Ingredients: Reverse osmosis water, green tea, cucumber extract, olivem (cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate), caffeine, Homeostatine (enteromorpha compressa extract, caesalpina gum), Renovage (triglyceride, teprenone), niacin, vitamin B5, vitamin e, spin trap (phenyl butyl nitrone), Lipochroman-6 (dimethylmethoxy chromanol), paraben du