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Your Best Face Clarity Review

Your Best Face Clarity

Our Rating: 4 stars

Is a Solution for:
Acne, Large Pores


Clear skin and tightened pores without tightness


Requires mixing
November 8, 2013 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
A great occasional-use facial mask to have on hand

by Sheena

I was very excited to be picked to review the Your Best Face Clarity ($9-$40), although I was a little daunted by the fact that it’s a mix-it-yourself facial mask that requires measuring and mixing and leads to washing up and laundry. I can say, however, that the effort is well worth it.

The YBF Clarity Mask comes in a foil sachet with the instructions printed clearly on it. The powder is green and smells faintly of thyme, one of the ingredients. I poured it into a bowl and added two teaspoons of water and one teaspoon runny honey, per the instructions – nothing fancy, just what I had in the cupboard. It was easy to mix into a smooth paste, although I found the back of a teaspoon to be easier than a fork for squashing lumps. I left it to sit for the requisite 15 minutes before applying it with the back of the spoon and my fingers. While it was a bit fiddly, it wasn’t hard to make up. It’s not a mask to wear around very young children because I definitely looked like a swamp monster!

There was enough product to liberally cover the largest of faces and necks. I settled in and waited for it to dry. At the suggested minimum of twenty minutes, the mix was still quite wet. With all the active ingredients (and the cost), I wasn’t going to wash it off until it had dried. The first time I used the YBF Clarity mask, I wiped it off with a washcloth which was a bad move because I didn’t put it in the laundry immediately and it stained. The next time, I washed it off in the shower which was far easier and cleaner.

This is another impressive line-up from YBF - every ingredient does something special and there’s nothing nasty in here. Matcha green-tea powder is the featured active, a super-antioxidant containing 40% catechins - a type of polyphenols - as opposed to the only 5-10% present in regular green tea. It is also supported by epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is derived from green tea and is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and collagen booster.

Other antioxidants include spin trap, lipochroman-6 and vitamins C and E. French green clay is known for its antibacterial properties as well as its toning and exfoliating properties. Vitamin B5 and meadowfoam seed oil hydrate and moisturise and sodium alginate softens the skin. Alpha bisabolol is an anti-irritant and thyme ct. linalool has antimicrobial properties. The added honey offers antibacterial, antioxidant and wonderful moisturizing and soothing properties to an already wonderful mask.

After using this mask, I was amazed at how clean my combination, 40-year-old skin looked and felt – my pores were smaller, without feeling dry or tight. It almost seemed that my skin was a couple of shades lighter after using it – I really felt exfoliated both times I used the YBF Clarity mask. While I wouldn’t call this mask calming, it didn’t make the redness on my cheeks any worse. My very finest lines looked better after using the mask. Though my skin wasn’t dried out by the mask, I did feel the need for a little extra hydration afterwards so I followed it with a few drops of Your Best Face Private Reserve Antioxidant Oil ($75 in the shop) before applying Your Best Face Boost day cream ($65 in the shop).

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As with all YBF products, Clarity is aptly named. My skin, quite simply, looked clear and continued to do so for several days. I think this mask would best suit younger to middle aged combination or oily skin. Finally, do the results justify the price tag? I personally think so, as an occasional-use mask, perhaps before a big night out.

Ingredients in Your Best Face Clarity: french green clay, matcha (japanese ceremonial grade green tea), dl-panthenol (vitamin B5), meadowfoam seed oil, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), sodium alginate, vitamin C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate/MAP), spin trap (phenyl butyl nitrone), lipochroman-6 (dimethylmethoxy chromanol), vitamin e succinate (d-alpha tocopherol succinate), alpha bisabolol, thyme ct. linalool

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