Your Best Face Correct .5 oz

This product has been reformulated. Please visit the shop for the most up to date review.

What is it? A pale yellow eye cream packed with ingredients meant to combat wrinkles.

For people with: Crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles.

Recommended use: Sparingly apply small dots of Correct around the eye area. Gently massage outward toward the temples.

Highlights: Marta calls YBF Correct her desert island eye cream (thanks to Junko for the analogy) and loves that the product takes care of crepiness, fine lines and crow’s feet. Her friend swears that it is the only thing that has ever gotten rid of the dark circles under her eyes, which Marta guesses is due to Haloxyl, a peptide formulation that includes chyrsin and hydroxysuccinimide. Chrysin stimulates the enzyme that clears out bilrubin (a color degradation element) while hydroxysuccinimide makes iron (color degradation element # 2) soluble so that it can be eliminated.

With feedback from Marta and TIA readers, Correct's formula was updated in the fall of 2009 to include these changes among many others:

  • Ingredients discontinued in Correct, fall of 2009: Silicones, Vitamin A, BHT, Syn-ake
  • Ingredients introduced in Correct, fall of 2009: Eyeseryl, Renovage, Lipochroman-6, Olivem

In our first reader review on the product, Briana called Correct her new BFF, and at just 39, was ecstatic to be using something to combat her newly acquired crows feet. She loved that puffiness decreased tremendously and even thought that the hefty price was worth it!

Dana received the Correct eye cream sample and liked that hours after application, her under eye skin was still well-moisturized and mostly wrinkle free.

Susan says: I know of YBF because of Marta ONLY. I owe TIA big time. I use Correct and am considering branching out to YBF’s other products.


Cynthia says (of the old formulation): Does anyone else find that Correct stings? I patch-tested several times and was dismayed to find that each time I applied the very tiniest dot (inside of wrist, orbital area under eye) I felt a slight burning. I told myself perhaps this was a ”tingling” sensation (like some ostensibly “bag”-shrinking eye gels cause), but it was definitely not comfortable and did not go away even after a half hour (when I rinsed the area off). I was told that I am likely too sensitive to the product to use it, so I won’t –but I hate to feel I am overreacting here and missing out on the benefits of such a favorably reviewed product. I’m just curious: anyone else have this reaction?

Ingredients we love: Marta likes the cutting edge Renovage, which contains the ingredient teprenone and targets teleomeres to stabilize them. Maintaining telomere length extends the Hayflick Limit (the number of times a normal cell population divides before it stops) by one third. She also loves the collagen-building Matrixyl 3000, Snap-8, which inhibits expression lines, and YBF signature radical scavengers spin trap and Lipochroman-6.

Ingredients we don’t: n/a

Retail Price: $150 in the shop

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Bottom line: Marta continues to list YBF as one of her favorite eye creams, even after discovering it two years ago. She loves the powerhouse of ingredients that have helped her and her friends in the eye department. Combined with the fact that our readers liked their own results, we think it’s worth the price.

*Editor's Note: Since this review was published, Your Best Face Correct has been reformulated for 2014.