Your Best Face Correct .5 oz

Reviewed by Marta on June 16, 2008


This product has been reformulated. Please visit the shop for the most up to date review.

Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop) is the best eye cream I have ever used. Before, you accuse me of hyperbole, I should add that I've never before felt that I've found a really good eye cream. That bit of context notwithstanding, YBF's is producing excellent results. It promises to be an "end-all-be-all" eye cream and it might just be right.

I have been using YBF Correct for almost three weeks. My whole eye area is looking smoother and clearer. A noticeable wrinkle is now less noticeable. Puffiness is diminished. I don't have much of a dark circle problem, but I can honestly say I look like I've slept for a week. At $150 for .5 oz, it doesn't come cheap and I can't say that a little goes a long way because I keep being tempted to dab it on my cheekbones and around my lips.

YBF is an independent outfit in Orlando. The founders, Darrell and Kimberley, have researched some extremely interesting ingredients and Correct has plenty of them. There are two of my favorites: matrixyl 3000 (a powerful peptide combo that I've written about many times) and spin trap (a clever and new - to me - antioxidant that actually stops free radicals from creating havoc).

Now I've always been of two minds about Argireline (the peptide that is supposed to stop expression wrinkles from forming). Which, I guess, is another way of saying I'm just not convinced. YBF Correct uses something called snap-8 and I've done some reading up on it and am beginning to be persuaded. Snap-8 (acetyl glutamyl hexapeptide-3) is a kind of souped up Argireline and the manufacturer's data shows it to be significantly more effective.

For dark circles there is haloxyl. This is a combination of four ingredients: the peptides that make up matrixyl 3000 and two that are supposed to control blood pigmentation. They do seem plausible since the two color degradation elements in hemaglobin are bilrubin and iron. Chrysin, from passionflower, stimulates the enzyme that clears out bilrubin while hydroxysuccinimide makes the iron soluble so that it can be eliminated. I did read somewhere, however, that chrysin can actually inhibit DNA production (I need to do more research because it crops fairly frequently).

Then there is Sepilift DPHP. This is a plant-derived amino acid that is supposed to regulate collagen. There are some vitamins, nutmeg, caffeine and raspberry seed extract (antioxidant with a high ellagic acid content). YBF Correct smells for all the world like almonds, but I can't work out why.

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