your best face define & quench duo

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 9, 2014

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by Karen

When I was selected to "Dare to Try" Your Best Face Define & Quench Duo ($70 and $15 in the shop), I was ecstatic. The YBF Define was on my wish list, but pretty far down, because it was a product that I wasn’t sure I needed at age 57. WOW, that offer to try it and provide a review was the gift for the rest of my life! Without a doubt, I will buy it again and again, as I can't live without it. My lips definitely have more pigment and are softer and fuller.

I expected the product to reduce the fine lines and add the look of fullness to my lips. The visible results after my first week’s application was less fine lines around the lips and less depth in the vertical lines on my lips. I only needed to use a thin layer, as YBF Define’s formula lasts longer than the average moisturizer for lips or even skin. I used the product morning and evening as part of my skin care regimen. Only once in the morning, taking a few minutes for the sticky feeling to dry, then I was able to easily use lipstick without needing to touch up all day. Within one week, I woke up with fuller, lush, pigmented the point that my husband asked me if I had anything done to my lips! Great observation on his part, as my upper lip has always been thinner than my lower lip, and YBF Define has fixed that problem and more. I would say that I now have a set of beautiful youthful, sensual lips. It’s a little product with awesome results!

Having read many of the reviews, I expected to be put off by the taste or feel of YBF Define. I had no reaction to it at all. I only used YBF Quench at night, over the Define, which had a slight mint taste, but the moisturizing effect was worth the few minutes of the minor taste of the product.

My final verdict: I adore YBF Define! I didn’t have a good lip care regimen as I do for my face, neck and body, so this is now my must-have. Don't be deterred by the price because a little goes a long way, even if you use it morning and night.

(Editor's Note: Karen tested the newly reformulated Your Best Face Define)