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Your Best Face Define Review

is a Solution for:
Fine Lines, Lip Lines, Wrinkles
Your Best Face Define
March 1, 2017 Reviewed by Tina 0 Comments
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When your aging lips need more than hydration, you can count on this peptide-packed treatment to restore youthfulness 


Plumps, defines, softens and smooths the lips



Like the eyes, we all know the lips and bordering area can quickly show signs of aging with wrinkling and loss of volume.  As gravity pulls everything down, both the face itself and the mouth area in particular are subject to a structural shift. Bone loss and receding gums add to the erosion problem and the lips deflate and thin out, causing pesky vertical pucker lines that are unsightly and hard to get rid of.

As I have aged, it has been an ongoing process of exerting full-force damage control to arrest the lines above and below my mouth, as well as the marionette lines, and to maintain some plumpness in my naturally-thin lips. I have been using products targeted to treat the lips for quite a few years. Your Best Face has created a great all-in-one fix for the lips in their reformulated Define Lip Cream ($70 in the shop).  I was very pumped to be a part of this testing trial, and I must say that now I really am pumped up — literally! 

My lips have more definition and are noticeably fuller. The lines above and below my lips are indeed blurred and softened.  It would be the best gift to see them invisible to the naked eye. Lipstick bleeding has also improved a lot, and I find that I no longer have to re-pencil the outlines of my lips more than once a day.  The lipstick bleeding has been a recurrent issue for me dating back to my younger thirty- and forty-something years.

At 50+ now, I know that I need to stay on task and be ultra-vigilant with taking good care of my lips. I know that my sun worshipping years in my teens and twenties have caught up with me now in the worst way by breaking down my collagen fibers and elastin in my skin. It’s no surprise that my lips are paying the price for my negligence with sun exposure and inadequate sun protection.

To treat my mouth area, I only need to use one pump of the Define. It dispenses neatly and easily with no runniness or goopiness. The cream is very light and silky with a serum feel. I apply it on my lips and all around the mouth. While it’s not as moisturizing as lip care products I’ve used in the past, it overcompensates in a good way with real repair results. It doesn’t sit on my lips like anhydrous Vaseline or balms, but rather sinks in and penetrates to work its magic. It’s also unscented and now free of parabens.

I love the fact that Define is formulated with six advanced peptides you normally find in face creams and serums:  Hilurip, Matrixyl, Synthe ‘6, Preventhelia, Syn-Hycan, TEGO Pep 4-Even and Syn-Tacks. What better way to treat aging lips and the lower face area than with a product of this caliber and sustenance.  It’s the best fixer upper and lower lip solution that I have found thus far. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper and less painful than cosmetic fillers, which usually don’t end up being a “one and done” type of procedure. 

This product has given me more hope and confidence knowing that I can actually experience positive visible changes in the way my lips look and feel. I am hopeful that over time the changes will be even more dramatic and cumulative. I’m right about at the 30-day testing period and will faithfully use the product in full.  

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