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Your Best Face Nourish Review

is a Solution for:
Crow's Feet, Dark Circles, Uneven Skin
September 26, 2017 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
TRU Rating
Good value protective day time eye cream


Moisturizing and brightens under eyes


Pump dispenses more than needed

By Jeana

As with all the Your Best Face products I’ve purchased that yielded results for me I was optimistic to give Nourish ($55 in the shop) a go, especially because it’s specifically for the eye area. I’m in my early 30s and have been starting to see fine lines appear for some years now, as well as skin in need of ‘something more’. That ‘something’ is a product that I hoped I could find that would have the ability to brighten and moisturize skin from a dull and dry appearance, as it is apt to be for me on a regular basis. If it prevented my fine lines from growing deeper, that would be a plus too.

The first few days into the four week trial I was able to wear Nourish alone without any makeup so I did obtain a good sense for the feel of the product. It is a white crème with no scent and smooths into the skin very easily. The directions do say to apply sparingly around the eye area and outward toward the temples, however, I was surprised when just one pump was enough to cover my entire face! The following days in my effort to conserve the product I tried to push the pump down only half way. This still dispensed more than enough product but it was an extra treat for more of my face.

My skin in general, especially under my eyes, tends to lean towards the dry side and will soak up any product like a sponge. Therefore, it was a great feeling as Nourish helped keep the area moisturized throughout the entire day. Tapping under and around my eye some hours after application I could feel it was still there in what felt like a silky, barely-there layer, protecting my skin and subsequently, like its namesake, nourishing the delicate tissue. 

No controversial preservatives are included in this product which is something I’m always alert to, and the list is comprised of what I consider hard working ingredients. Preventhelia, which is also in YBF Defend, protects skin against the sun’s UV rays while the ingredient elhibin helps to protect the skin’s elastic fibers. It caught my attention when I read the ingredient knotgrass flavonoids, as one of my makeup products contains knotgrass extract, supposedly touted as anti-aging. Knotgrass flavonoids fight infrared-induced skin aging and protects the fibers of different layers of the dermis (source). Also, it is supposed to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The other hard worker, kojic dipalmitate, inhibits the formation of melanin and brightens skin (source).

Seeing that Nourish contains all of these hard working ingredients I wish I could have used it in my 20s as a powerful prevention tool. However, it’s never too late to add such a product as a layer of security to your skin against the sun, and overall I am very pleased with the outcome that Nourish has given me over the past 30 days. The skin tone underneath my eyes extending out over to my cheekbones is more even due to the brightening effect of the kojic dipalmitate and the small area of brownish discoloration from sun damage in my teenage years on my right cheek has begun to fade slightly. My fine lines remain steadfast but there is a suppleness to my skin that I did not see before. A big plus is that when I did wear makeup Nourish worked very well underneath with absolutely no pilling.  Four weeks later I peeled back the label and found that there was still enough left for quite a while, around half the bottle, which makes this product’s price point more than reasonable.

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