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Reviewed by Emily on February 10, 2016

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I’ve followed Truth in Aging from the beginning, and while the list of great brands that TIA has introduced me to is extensive, none has a longer or better track record than Your Best Face. It was one of TIA’s earliest and best-loved finds, and I’ve used most of the line at one time or another. Certain YBF products — notably Prep (my all-time favorite), Control, and Correct — are almost always to be found in my bathroom. 

So when TIA asked me to review something new from YBF, I didn’t even bother to ask the what or wherefore before saying yes. Turns out the product is a completely reformulated Your Best Face Restore ($130 in the shop), now a night serum for neck, face, and hands. And I’m happy to say that YBF has another winner that I think will be appealing to a broad range of people.

I sometimes find YBF’s product-naming protocol confusing — picking a verb that’s meant to be descriptive of the product benefit but is often too generic to communicate product type or use — but in this case Restore is aptly named. Restore is a lovely, lightweight serum that comes in a dark glass pump (like the ones YBF uses for its facial oils). It flows easily and absorbs wonderfully and immediately into the skin. It feels hydrating but very light, with no residue on the skin. 

I’ve used Restore for just about a month now, every evening, on face and neck. (I’ll try it on my hands, though, too.) I followed it with a nighttime moisturizer (generally Dr. Dennis Gross Intense Moisture Cream, these days) and one of a couple of eye creams, per usual. I find it lives up to YBF’s claims — it’s both brightening and smoothing. I feel that my skin is handling the winter better than usual, and I’ll give Restore credit — it stays better hydrated, it feels more even and firm, and my lines don’t seem as prominent.

Restore is full of YBF’s proprietary formulations, including what seem to me to be every peptide cocktail imaginable, some vitamins — including vitamin E succinate, and hydrators such as meadowfoam seed oil and cupuacu butter. I can’t really compare the product ingredients to YBF’s Control, which is a heavy-hitting anti-aging serum that also features peptides and is a proven skin-firmer and wrinkle fighter. Control is packaged in an airless pump and has a thicker, creamier texture; I enjoyed Restore’s fluid, more lightweight feel. I think that while Control is a great product for older or more damaged skins, Restore could be used by all ages just looking for a treatment lift or a bit of prevention. I found that it worked well for me, even at 60, and could imagine effectively alternating it with Control when I felt I needed a bit more help. At $130 for 1.7 ounce (50 ml), it is a much less expensive product. But in this case less expensive isn’t inferior: I think the new Restore is a terrific and effective night serum that could benefit many age groups and skin types.