Reviewed by Matina

First off let me say that I love the way YUM Gourmet Cranberry Creme ($43.50) smells!  Like rasberry yoghurt and it looks like it too. I must say that I was put off at first by the texture. There are little wax bits throughout the creme and I thought I might have received a bad batch. As I kept smoothing it into my skin however the bits melted and added extra moisturizer.

I use this creme day or night as it soaks right into my skin with no residue. I've even applied makeup right away when I was in a rush one morning and it went on with no streaking etc as sometimes happens with cremes.

There are so many wonderful ingredients in this product that I feel like my skin is getting a great dose of vitamins and minerals. I really enjoyed using YUM's cranberry creme and will definitely be ordering more when this is all gone.

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