While we are all waiting to find out what the amazing new technology is in Jan Marini's acne treatment due out any day now, someone (name withheld to protect the blemished) suggested I mention Zeno Pro Acne Clearing Device.

The Zeno device is pressed directly against the offending pimple for two and half minutes whilst it delivers a charge of heat that kills the bacteria that are busily constructing a monumental eyesore. It is safe and doesn't burn the skin. My friend's experience is salutary, however, especially since numerous reviewers say the same thing:

Zeno works for one-off pimples. It doesn't work for acne. It doesn't get rid of backheads. And you have to get 'em early. Zeno can make zits disapear, but it many reported cases it seems to bring the pimple to head more quickly (thereby limiting its lifespan).