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Your Best Face Green Matcha & Manuka Infusion Face Mask

Size: 3.38oz/100ml

Your Best Face Green Matcha & Manuka Mask is a moisture-rich, non-clay mask that will comfort, nourish and treat your skin. It stays wet on the face so that the actives - green tea, honey and willow bark - work continuously while going deep into the skin thanks to a natural penetration enhancer made from black pepper. It also layers brilliantly with other products such as oils or serums.

Reviewed by Sophie after testing for 30 days
Your Best Face is a brand that has earned my trust through its careful, effective formulations that are typically devoid of objectionable ingredients. Unsurprisingly, then, I jumped at the chance to test and review YBF’s new Green Matcha & Manuka Infusion Face Mask.

The moisture-rich, non-clay mask is meant to comfort, nourish and treat your skin. The mask has an easy-to-spread texture, but is sufficiently stiff such as to comfortably and easily sit on your skin should you wish to lengthen your treatment and leave the mask on for a prolonged period of time. Best of all, it smells like green tea ice cream—which makes using this product fairly irresistible.

One is meant to apply the mask to one’s cleansed, damp face and to let the mask sit for as long as is desired before rinsing off. YBF suggests creating synergy with your other favorite YBF treatments by applying your YBF oil, serum, or other favorite first, and layering on the mask second, under the rationale that the extra moisture from the mask will help the products you layer on first sink in for dynamic benefits. Ingredients of note in the formulation include manuka honey (which has antibacterial properties and could be useful for the treatment of acne), willow bark extract (which contains salicylic acid, a BHA that is a natural exfoliant that helps skin shed dead cells and clear pores and helps stimulate new cell formation), and Japanese green tea matcha (which has antioxidant properties). Because of the inclusion of the willow bark extract, it is recommended that sun protection be used for up to a week after use of this product so as to minimize sun sensitivity after exfoliation.

All of those things sound great on paper, but how does the product stack up in real life? Well, unsurprisingly, I have found yet another YBF product that I enjoy very much and that I am likely to add to my routine. The mask is touted as an “ultra-rich, rejuvenating luxury face mask,” and that it is. I typically let the mask sit on my face while trying to do another relaxing task (typically, reading at the end of the night), and rinse it off when it completely dries off. I feel no irritation while the mask is working its magic, and my 30-something skin is left soft and gently exfoliated afterwards. My skin feels refreshed, rejuvenated, and, for the lack of a more creative word, just better after being acquainted with this mask.

I find it to be a great preparatory step for my other serums and moisturizers, as the exfoliation really allows my skin to drink up the treatments I may subsequently apply. My skin is not especially sensitive, but I typically do feel higher concentrations of AHAs. Not so with this Infusion Face Mask, which leads me to believe that those with sensitive skin will still be able to enjoy this product. My skin in fact typically could benefit from more exfoliation (as I have milia), and I sometimes add a dab of one of my other favorite YBF products, Prep, to boost the exfoliation with Prep’s physical particles. The combination is a winning one: the mask’s hydration allows for a comfortable exfoliation without drying out my skin.

There is no recommendation as to the numbers of time to use the Infusion Mask in a week, but so as to not over-exfoliate my skin, I tend to use it no more than twice a week (sometimes three times a week if my milia is acting up).

In conclusion, YBF has again added a lovely product to its line, and it is one that i will likely be adding to my routine. I would recommend the Green Matcha & Manuka Infusion Mask for those that are looking for a gently exfoliating, luxurious mask with which to treat yourself. A 3.38 oz./100 ml jar will cost you $88—which is not especially cheap—but a little goes a long way and I expect that my jar will last me months and months
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Reviewed by Sophie Your Best Face is a brand that has earned my trust through its careful, effective formulations that are typically devoid of objectionable ingredients.  Unsurprisingly, then, I jumped at the chance to test and review YBF’s new Green Matcha & Manuka Infusion Face Mask... read more

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  • Marion

    (4 out of 5)

    This mask has a very soft smell and not offensive at all. I used it twice a week after cleansing my face. You can leave the mask on as long as you like and in fact one time I left it on for two hours because I forgot I had it on and the mask never irritated my skin. After use, my skin felt refreshed and soft. Surprisingly it even managed to correct one of the flakey patches. You can also layer this mask with other products like a serum with the mask on top. I tried this and liked the effect giving my skin more hydration. I also recommended it to a friend and she loved it.

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  • Reverse osmosis water
  • ceteareth-6 olivate
  • olive squalane
  • glycerin
  • Leucidal® (lactobacillus ferment)
  • hydrogenated olive oil (and) olive oil (olea europaea) (and) olive oil unsaponifiables
  • UMF 20+ raw manuka honey
  • dl-Panthenol (vitamin B5)
  • green tea matcha (Japanese ceremonial grade)
  • ethoxydiglycol
  • willow bark extract*
  • vitamin E acetate
  • aspen bark extract
  • glucono delta lactone
  • alpha bisabolol
  • Cosmoperine® (tetrahydropiperine)
At night start with clean, damp skin. Apply a thin layer, massage in and allow to remain on as long as desired before rinsing off. You may also layer with other products such as serums or oils

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